Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Greatest Barbeque Tips in the World by Van Rijk

"The Greatest Barbeque Tips in the World" by Raymond Van Rijk of New Zealand turned out to be a neat little pocket guide. It's a perfect beginner manual on the basics of grilling, and it's a nice reference even for seasoned BBQ cooks.

Do note that the book is not a cookbook. It does have a few recipes in the back, but it is packed with general information and tips just as stated in the title. Once a reader understands how to do all the nitty gritty, then it's quite easy to expand and add different seasonings and sauces and such and make new meals out of basic dishes. Here you learn how to grill various meats, fish, and vegetables.

Some of the chapters here include "Buying a Barbeque," "Fuel and Starters," and "Useful Checklists." There are 14 chapters in all covering about everything you could think to ask about grilling.

I'm pretty rough on books. If a book isn't worth buying, then I'm the first to say. This one makes the grade. Just don't expect it to be a cookbook. You learn how to cook on the grill which can be a bit complicated when starting out. I read the little book from cover to cover last night, and I found everything to be spot on. I even picked up a few new ideas myself, and I've been grilling for over 30 years.

If you need a nice how-to grilling guide that isn't confusing and so full of extras that you can't find what you need or want, then this one is very good. It also has cute cartoons sprinkled throughout. So, you get a little humor as an extra bonus.


Freelander-man said...

Hey - sounds like a great book! We are having a barbie this weekend and could do with some tips. Where can we get the book? Is it available online?

CA said...

You can go to the home page at this link. When you click on books, note that you need to scroll down to see the Barbeque edition.

The book is also available through Amazon. Just put the title in search, and it pops right up.

Have a great barbecue and check out my Barbeque Master site at Garden and Hearth I also do Southern Cooking there too (-:

CA said...

Bad link on Garden and Hearth. Sorry. Try here: http://www.gardenandhearth.com