Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Napa Jack's Barbecue Sauce Grilled Pork Chops (sauce review)

Napa Jack's Barbecue Sauces

You better turn on the lights before you go feeling around in the dark for something stiff to drink, or you might grab a bottle of Napa Jack's. Yes. The bottles look like liquor bottles, but they contain some very yummy barbecue sauce. One sauce even has wine in the recipe though not liquor.

Napa Jack's asked if I'd like sample bottles to see what I thought of these sauces. I like to try out new sauces and do reviews, so I said I give these sauces a try.

Pork Chops on the O Grill with Napa Jack's

This was a late day at the office, so I decided to do some thin chops. Well, I'm not sure if those are even chops. They are pork though.

Seeing as how these were thin, I let them marinate in the Napa Jack's barbecue sauce. The smell was really nice, kind of tangy but sweet.

Napa Jack Pork Chops Hit the Spot

The pork turned out good. The sauce was definitely the star of the show. My favorite was the Chipotle Cabernet. That little hint of wine gave it the edge for me.

These barbecue sauces were advertised as being good as replacements for ketchup which worried me a bit. They are mild enough to use more generally, but they do taste like barbecue sauce. I could see them used for dipping as also mentioned (meat balls would be really good - especially grilled meat balls). I doubt I'd dip French fries, but then I like my fries plain, so I'm not the best one to judge on that.

I would also not that these sauces are all natural and do have that nice fresh flavor. They are also gluten free. My family eats the heck out of some gluten, but I know a lot of people avoid gluten these days. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Wet Rubz - Best Barbecue Grilling Marinade So Far

Wet Rubz Santa Maria Style BBQ Marinade

I must confess my go-to barbecue marinade is Worcestershire and Kraft Italian dressing, because I haven't been able to find really good BBQ marinades. They are loads of rubs and sauces but not many marinades.

When Wet Rubz got in touch, I was thinking of rubs, but this is actually a marinade. It's heavier than a North Carolina vinegar, so it would go on later for larger cuts of meat but is fine right from the start on grilled hamburgers and grilled chicken strips or tenders.

My favorite way (so far) to enjoy Wet Rubz is on chicken. If your chicken is kind of bland, it sure will not be with this marinade. In fact, it's too hot for my mild son when it's small pieces. He might be okay with full sized chicken parts, but I've only done the quicker ones so far. As for me, I like heat and love this marinade. It's got a kick but I'd say zippy mild to medium. I like to give a range and would say you'd want to go easy on this one with a general crowd but pour it on for heat lovers.

Dinner For One with Wet Rubz - Yum City

Above you can see that I pigged out with some small pieces of chicken with Wet Rubz this evening. Grilling for one can be a challenge, but this is quick, easy, and really delicious with the marinade by Wet Rubz.

You are probably wondering what Wet Rubz tastes like. I would say like nothing else but it so happens that my son went to Japan last year in college and fell in love with a Japanese salad dressing. This reminds me of that fabulous dressing for salads but with some heat. The base flavor must be soybeans though tastes richer and fooled me. I had to check to find out.

I also found out that this marinade is all natural. Now, that's a good thing. Chef Andy Martin and wife, Aimee, from California, wanted to build a barbecue marinade from natural ingredients, so that is what you have here. You can taste it too. I really love natural over processed.

I've moved this up to my favorite of the marinades I've tried out to date. It really is THAT yummy. I do add the warning about the heat though. If you are a mild guy/girl, then you would want much more meat to marinade.

*I did receive a bottle of the marinade to try for free. That has no impact on my review. I've been known to say a barbecue sauce tasted like ketchup (so sorry), so I do call it the way I see (though tastes can surely differ).

Friday, August 14, 2015

CLR BBQ Grill Cleaner - Good Stuff

CLR Now Has Grill Cleaner

I've been using CLR inside for a long time. It helps a lot on the hard water we have out here in the country. CLR cuts through the lime and leaves the fixtures nice and shiny.

When CLR got in touch about their new grill cleaner, I was excited. It wasn't around here yet, but I thought it would be a good pick, since the inside CLR was so good.

The company sent me a bottle of the new grill cleaner, and my son even agreed to clean the Weber smoker. It had a good amount of gunky barbecue sauce from smoking ribs.

Eli Using CLR to Clean the Smoker

With CLR Grill Cleaner, the grates were clean in no time. Eli also cleaned down the water pan which wasn't too bad, since it had been covered in aluminum foil. The outside got a quick wipe. The smoker looked almost like new.

Easy Grill Cleaning with New CLR for BBQ Grills

You can see here that the grate is cleaning up nicely. Eli has finished most of the main spokes and is getting the crud out from the center part (which is where the build up is usually the worst).

I would certainly recommend CLR. I liked it so much that I'm already out. I'll have to check Lowe's or Food Lion and see if they carry CLR BBQ grill cleaner. It really does make clean up easier.

Monday, August 03, 2015

How to Make White Barbecue Sauce - Alabama Style BBQ

Starting to Lather on the Alabama White Barbecue Sauce 

In Alabama and other places in the South, white barbecue sauce is popular. It’s a mayonnaise based barbecue sauce and very rich. It’s also sinfully tasty.

White barbecue sauce is a great change of pace for a grilled chicken party. It does look and taste different which is part of why it’s fun. If you’re used to tomato based barbecue sauces, then this may catch you by surprise. It did when I first tried it. White BBQ sauce looked odd, but I was sold after just one bite. It’s now one of my all-time favorite barbeque sauces. And, it’s great as a dip as well.

Alabama White Barbecue Sauce

• 1 cup mayonnaise
• 1 TBS lemon juice
• 1/4 cup vinegar
• 1 TBS pepper (fresh ground is fabulous)
• 1 TBS sugar

*Note - You can add a splash of hot sauce or pepper seeds and other ingredients to give the white barbecue sauce more zip.


Simply mix the sauce ingredients together and chill. Very simple!


Don’t use white barbecue sauce as a marinade. It’s too rich and thick. If you slather this on before the meat goes on the grill, the sauce will burn. Cook the chicken about ¾ done on the grill and then begin basting with the white barbecue sauce.

White barbecue sauce is also excellent as a dip with the cooked chicken. Do not use the same white barbecue batch that you used for basting. That can be contaminated. If you want baste and dip, make a double batch and reserve half in a separate container for dipping.

Friday, June 05, 2015

Nonni's THINaddictives - Yummy Snacks - Low Calorie with Protein

Nonni's THINaddictives - New Flavor

Readers of my blog may know that I love Nonni's THINaddictives. They are delicious biscotti cookies that are low calorie and include protein. They made a good snack for fall/winter slow barbecue smoking.

The newest flavor is Mango Coconut with almonds. The tropical flavor has a more summer feel but would be good anytime. 

Fresh Single Serve Snack Packs

The single packs are good for travel and camping or just to have on hand if you start craving a whole box of doughnuts. THINaddictives are just sweet enough to take the edge off that sort of day but are under 100 calories for a pack of three. It is, I must confess, hard to stop at three though.

Yum. THINaddictives are Good.

For summer these are great as an appetizer or dessert with grilled pineapple. Just grill up your pineapple and put these coconut/mango treats out which can be eaten or dipped in a beverage (coffee is classic of course) before or after a cook out.

TIP: Check Nonni's on Facebook. They have a contest going June 2015 to win a free box and also store coupons. If you keep an eye out, they have specials like this from time to time. 

THINaddictives did send me a box to check out in exchange for an honest review. I've loved all their flavors, so I was looking forward to trying the summer inspired tropical thins. They did not disappoint. I would recommend all the flavors in the line. None have disappointed.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Macho Mayo - Mayonnaise That Hits It Out of the Park

 Now This is Some Mayonnaise That I Can Embrace

Macho Mayo got in touch to see if I'd like to test out their zippy mayonnaise. I must confess I've never been a big mayonnaise fan, but that's because it really does taste quite bland. I use mayo in sandwich salads like ham salad, but generally I skip over it. Some mayo with a kick sounded more in line with my palate, so I decided to give it a try.

The two flavors arrived. The medium is Roasted Green Chili. The hot is Roasted Jalapeno (red label). You can see the jars above.

I decided to charcoal grill some hamburgers to try out the mayonnaise.

  Grilled Burgers Over Charcoal

Once I finished grilling the hamburgers, I broke out the Macho Mayo Green Chili. Sometimes "hot" is over the top, so I opted for medium to start with.

Normally I dress out my grilled hamburgers, but I decided to go with just the Macho Mayo to get the full effect. This is spread style in a jar. I could have put some in a squirt bottle to make a prettier photo, but I think readers should see what things actually do look like (so I don't photoshop my photos either - other than cropping). I also put the mayo on the meat rather than the bun, so you could actually see it.

All I Can Say is "WOW"

Macho Mayo was so yummy that I added more mayo after I took the photo and started eating my burger. I also warmed up a leftover burger for lunch the next day and had another Macho Mayo burger.

I come across lots of really yummy products, but this is one of my favorite new flavors. It's great on sandwiches. It is wonderful as a dip like Ranch for chips or veggies. And, I'm planning to try this out on White Barbecue Chicken (Alabama style).

This is a total thumbs up. Medium has a mild kick and should work for everyone. Hot Macho Mayo is still good for a lot of people. Just use less if you don't want a whole lot of heat. I say: "Try out Macho Mayo. It really is THAT good" (even for someone who was not big on mayonnaise before).

I hope Food Lion adds this product. Crossing my fingers. 

Here some other information about Macho Mayo

  • Gluten Free
  • ½ the calories & fat compared to traditional mayo (good news)
  • No Sugar (my step dad can have this - yay)
  • Perfect as a dip (so true)
  • Great for use in tasty recipes- crab cakes, chicken salad, Mexican Street Corn, dips and more (crab cakes my Granny made are on my list to make)
  • Comes in 2 flavors- Zesty Roasted Green Chili (medium heat level) & Spicy Roasted Jalapeno (hot heat level).   
  • Macho Mayo has a 3rd flavor hitting the shelves by late 2015. (Now that's good news!)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tastefully Simple Chipotle Honey Grill Sauce with BBQ Pork Chops

Tastefully Simple Chipotle Honey Grill Sauce
I've been using Tastefully Simple products for quite some time now, so I was looking forward to trying out the new Chipotle Honey barbecue sauce.

The sauce smelled great when I opened the bottle. I picked up the honey smell right off the bat.

I decided to grill pork chops with the Tastefully Simple BBQ sauce. We've been doing pork chops quite a bit lately with some good sales in this area. If you tend to dry your pork chops out, check out my tips for grilling boneless pork chops.

Chipotle Honey Pork Chops Setting up on the Grill
The pork chops grilled quickly. Above you'll see them the last couple of minutes while the barbecue sauce "sets."

I grilled these when my older son was home, since the younger son does not like much heat (but he does love honey). The Chipotle note was there but just a hint. The honey was the stronger flavor. The balance was very nice. This is a barbecue sauce that you could serve to any group. I plan to grill something for my younger son with the Tastefully Simple barbecue sauce, because I'm sure he'll love the honey flavor, and the peppers are not hot enough to put my mild guy off.

* Tastefully Simple did send the product free in exchange for an honest review. Regular readers will know I am one to say what I think.