Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mexican on the Grill

Yum. Nachos on the grill are delicious. They only take a couple of minutes to heat. Then, you're ready to eat.

For directions on making Grilled Cheese Nachos, visit Barbeque Master at Garden and Hearth.

I also have a Pica de Gallo recipe that is fabulous with the chips or to serve with any Mexican meal.

Keep checking back. I've been grilling up some great Mexican and Mexican inspired dishes and will continue to post up recipes and directions.

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pam said...

Hi Cindy - couldn't find a contact link for you so I left this on a recipie that looks really, really good.

I saw your comment about a book called "A Change of Heart" on e opinions. There is a book by Lyn Margulis that you might like. It is very scientific and address how a situation like Change of Heart might come about.