Sunday, January 27, 2008

What! Don't These Look Like Barbecue Hands?

My friend Amy posted these interesting barbecue ribs at Viewpoints. She was writing about one of her favorite BBQ sauses - Sweet Baby Rays. When I clicked to read her review and saw the ribs, my first thought was, "Did someone barbecue some hands?" Well, maybe it's just me, but those look like hands. Fat hands true. But hands.

I had visions of Jeffrey Dahmer. He murdered young boys and even ate them. Real sicko. But, of course, my buddy Amy would not be putting up hands barbecued on the grill. So I looked some more, but these are still different from the ribs they sell around here. Meatier. I'll have to see if I can round up some of these ribs. They really do look good.

I asked Amy if I could share the barbecue hands here at Barbecue Master. She said that would be fine but to make sure that everyone knew that Melissa Beartrix captured this interesting photo. Melissa is an Aussie and takes some way cool photos.

That's my interesting barbecue note of the day. Barbecue hands that are really barbecue ribs. Well, they're a barbecue rib roast to be more exact. But, they still make me laugh when I see them.


Jolie said...

Thanks for the mention grill girl. :)

CA said...

I love to link up good stuff. You guys have a really great site at Glad to include you in my blog.