Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to School Cook Out

Back to School Barbecue Blow Out at the Pool (if you want to call it a pool - teehee)

Summers always go by so fast. The kids are always bummed that break is over but also excited about getting back to school and seeing old friends again.

When the boys were really little, I got a wild hair one day and thought I'd host a back to school cook out. This was the weekend before classes started back.

I told the boys to invite the other kids around the neighborhood to come over, and I ran to the store and picked up hot dogs, chips and drinks. Since this was an impromptu event, I figured I'd better keep it simple. That actually worked out better, since it was kind of a drop in thing all afternoon and evening. Some of the grown ups even joined in - parents checking up on kids and folks out walking around.

It doesn't take a lot for kids to have a grand time. We do have a basketball goal, so that's always fun for them. Some years I pick up water guns, a blow up pool, and one year I got a horseshoe set. The kids keep themselves entertained while I grill.

I've continued to keep it simple. The kids really don't care about having a fancy meal. They just like to run around and play before they have to hit the books. They do, of course, get hungry and hot dogs go a long way. I've found that it works out best to get canned sodas and put those on ice. I use paper products and plastic silverware. It's also a good idea to have trash bags handy. The kids really are good about helping clean up if you ask.

My oldest goes to college next week. The younger one only has three more years in high school. I guess we'll be hosting back to college parties - or not. We'll see. I hope they always enjoy hanging out here and grubbing on a few grilled hot dogs.

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