Sunday, December 20, 2009

Melanie's Big Acres Perfect Poultry Barbecue Rub - Going Gourmet BBQ Tonight

Today I broke out the good stuff for some chicken on the grill - Melanie's Big Acres Perfect Poultry barbecue rub.

Perfect Poultry is a gourmet poultry spice rub for serious foodies and includes sea salt, rosemary, thyme, black pepper, white pepper, tarragon and sage. When you open the can, you get this amazing smell of fresh seasonings. Ah bliss!

Since my boys have grown up rural Southern, they tend to be meat and potato fellows, so I decided not to mention that we were going gourmet. I just called them in from playing basketball for some grilled chicken.

"Something smells great," said one of the boys (who are always hungry as most teen boys from my experience).

They look at the chicken for a second, and one of them says, "Ya dropped it in the grass huh?"

LOL. Busted. This is not sprinkle seasoning or even lemon pepper which they recognize. So, I was busted and had to confess. Better than them thinking I rolled dinner around in the yard which I've never done but once with a beer butt chicken which I did wash good and finish up.

You can tell here that the seasonings are the real deal, and you can both see and taste Perfect Poultry. I would note that this is a pretty strong combo on flavors, so don't overdo it. In the South, rubs are often literally rubbed on thick. With Melanie's Big Acres rub, I suggest sprinkling lightly, unless your guests are really serious foodies and used to lots of zip. Even then a light touch is fine. You want to enhance the chicken and not drown it out.

As always, I got input from the guys. But, do keep in mind that I'm talking really regular guys and not foodies or gourmet fellows.

My older son and his Dad thought the chicken rocked. I don't think that's a gourmet foodie term, but they definately liked Big Acres poultry rub. From the best I could tell (by asking questions), my son liked that rosemary in there, and his Dad liked the extra heat. This rub does have a bit of a back bite.

Younger son wasn't sold. He may still think I dropped dinner on the ground (-: Basically, he found Big Acres a little too hot for his liking, but he does not like any heat in his breakfast sausage either. I think me may have a mild food sensitivity to sage. So, this was too much burn for him (though it really isn't very hot at all - just a little zippy).

As for me, I loved the mix of flavor notes in the Big Acres rub. Now, I won't go around here saying that, or my barbecue buds might quit inviting me over to pig pickin' parties. But, Melanie did a great job with the selections and the balance. This is a really delightful poultry rub that takes chicken to a new level, and I can't wait to try it on the turkey breast in the refrigerator.


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