Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Barbecue Master Top BBQ Blogger - Thanks to Guide to Culinary Schools and my Great BBQ Buddies

Whew. I am smoked under working on a big grilling and barbecue magazine article, but I did wake up enough to notice that Guide to Culinary Schools listed me as a top 50 barbecue blogger. Actually they listed me in the top five and even put me first on the list. Well, WOOT! And, thanks Guide to Culinary Schools. That is a real honor with so many great barbecue blogs online.

Although I do some professional writing on the side, my grilling spaces have been my hobby and what I do for fun. When people ask me the secret to success in blogging, I say to pick something you have a passion for and give it all you've got. Yes. People do notice that.

This honor goes out to all the wonderful folks who have been reading my grilling and barbecue stories, recipes, reviews, and news all these years. Thanks for dropping by, for the comments, and for the emails.

Check out the full top barbecue blog list. All 50 of the blogs picked are wonderful. I know a bunch of the bloggers listed through twitter where you can find me at @cyndiallison and other places online like Facebook. I won't start calling names, because I will leave someone out (which is a bad thing you know). Plus, the whole list is top notch. Just click around and have fun.


Sean Grey Hanson said...

Looks like you're doing just fine.

Wilfred Reinke aka @OshawaOgre said...

A well deserved honour, as a subscriber to your blog, I do not miss one, Congrats Cyndi!

Chris said...

All of these lists are without merit. They are just shallow attempts at trying to get free back links from 50 blogs at a time.

Wait....I made it on this list too! Never mind, this list is valid! :) ;) :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, i just want to say hello to the community

DFW BBQ Catering said...

Contests on the honor!

Great read, love your blog.

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biltong said...

Ha Ha Chris there is still some genuine people out there who do read the blogs and post its not all just spammers