Friday, January 07, 2011

Gary's Seasoning - Great for Grilled Foods, In the Kitchen, and on the Table

Gary's Seasoning - Yep - It really is THAT Great

My son summed it up when he opened the sample pack that Gary sent of Gary's Seasoning for me to check out. "This is the best smelling package ever," Eli said. And, no, he's never said that before.

Sadly, I've had the sinus infection from heck for 10 weeks now, so I've not been able to smell or taste which is a sorry state of affairs for a grilling blogger. I could catch a little scent from Gary's seasoning, but I've been waiting so that I could really savor it and see what I've been missing or not missing.

Last night, I did some kitchen cooking - GASP. I fried up some pork chops and used Gary's Seasoning rather than my usual on that. The light must be at the end of the tunnel, because I could taste a bit, and I was impressed. Then, all the guys at my kitchen table mentioned that the pork chops were extra good. I've done the grilled chops for years, so I knew it had to be the seasoning.

Steaks with Gary's Seasoning - YUM!

My older son goes back to college tomorrow, so I wanted an extra special meal for his last night. Steaks - of course. Since Gary's Seasoning went over so well on the pork chops, I thought I'd rotate that in over my usual - lemon pepper on the seasoning for grilled steaks.

Yum! The steaks were great. I'm still not up to palate speed, but I know top pick when I taste it. And, the guys noticed that the flavor was rocking.

Do note that this is not a barbecue rub. You do not slather Gary's Seasoning all over the food to grill. Just sprinkle as you would salt and pepper or lemon pepper. I like to do that before grilling, but Gary's Seasoning is great on the table for an extra flavor burst.

I enjoy a lot of seasonings for variety, but pick very few go-to or top picks. Gary's Seasoning makes the grade. Of all the seasonings I've tried out (and that's been a lot), this is my favorite. It does smell fabulous and tastes just the same. It's not over the top, so Gary's goes on the back of the stove with my regular grilling and cooking staples. I only have about five all purpose seasonings that I keep close at hand like that.


Chris said...

Sounds like a good multipurpose rub.

Hope you get all the way better!

Anonymous said...

I just got my Gary's Seasoning in the mail and it is great. Besides the norm try it in your meatballs and meatloaf of and did I mention on Popcorn! Tripp w/

CA said...

Tks Chris - I'd call Gary's Seasoning more of a sprinkle rather than a rub. I use it as I would lemon pepper which is one of my favorite things to season grilled foods with. It really is fabulous.

Hi Tripp - We made MOINK meatballs with bacon, and I mixed Gary's Seasoning in with the hamburger. Yum.

Gary's Seasoning was also fab on pan fried potatoes. I don't have the potatoest to prove it as the guys wolfed those down fast.