Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bandiola Blazin Hot Spice - Seasoning Sprinkle Review

Bandiola Spice Company - 104 Degrees Blazin' Hot Spice

I decided to pep things up last night with Blazin' Hot Spice by Bandiola Spice Company on our grilled chicken. Michael Gochnour is one of my Facebook friends, and he sent me a free sample of Blazin' Hot seasoning sprinkle to try out. He didn't ask for anything in return other than an honest opinion. Since he's out of Nebraska and operates a small company, I would not have known about his spices, but he offers them online. Most of my favorite barbecue and grilling spices, rubs, and sauces come to my doorstep these days, since I discovered online shopping. (Don't leave me alone with the computer and a credit card for long.)

Blazin' Hot is a spice blend rather than a barbecue sprinkle specifically. If you're only trying out products that say "barbecue," then you're missing out. I rotate in a lot of different products to get unique flavors in my grilled foods.

I'm a hot freak, but my son is not. I went light on this spice mixture, since it's a new one.

The first thing I did was open the cap and smell this seasoning. I could tell that it had sugar and pepper. So, this one is a sweet heat with some zip - perfect for grilled chicken I was thinking.

I lightly sprinkled the chicken (which I first rubbed with olive oil) with the Blazin' Hot Spice mix (and a little black pepper) and then slow grilled the chicken with offset baskets in the Weber Kettle. The olive oil helps the seasoning stay in place and also makes the chicken brown and crisp nicely.

My neighbor said, "Hey, this has a little zip to it." Yes. It did. Even with a light hand, we could definately taste the heat. And, it was a good heat. I don't care much for the "hot for the sake of being hot" products and especially the ones that have a bitter taste. Blazin' Hot Spice had the sweet flavor under the hot kick, and the peppers and other spices had a pleasant flavor rather than that burn that sticks with you all evening.

I would call this Bandiola Spice an excellent all purpose seasoning for meats, vegetables, potatoes, and even popcorn. It's a dry sprinkle, so it's easy to use to jazz up foods. The taste is layered with sweet and hot with the heat being the takeaway note. You get the blaze without the back bite with some seasonings. I would suggest going easy on the sprinkles to start with to figure out how much you and your family can handle though.

And . . . here's the grilled chicken. Another very tasty grilled dinner on a beautiful weekend evening in North Carolina.

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