Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Amazing Dad's Sauce BBQ Sauce - Barbecue Sauce Review

Amazing Dad's BBQ Sauce by the Honey Bunny Company

Amazing Dad's Sauce BBQ Sauce is out of Canada with the Honey Bunny Company. Fred of Canada gave me this bottle (which is not really a bottle), but I looked around. Amazon carries the Honey Bunny products, so while I can't find it on the shelf in my area, folks from the United States and other areas can get this one pretty easily by searching.

The first thing that caught my eye here is the packaging. This barbecue sauce is in a container more like the little juice drinks (but larger). I know some BBQ sauce guys read my blog, so I was thinking that this sort of packaging might be of interest. If you buy barbecue sauce, then you know shipping runs high (and it's easy to get damage with traditional glass), so I think this might help reduce costs on shipping out good barbecue sauces and also mean less chances on damages.

New Barbecue Sauce Packaging Works Well

I wasn't sure how barbecue sauce in a pouch (so to speak) would work out, but it really is super easy to use. BBQ sauce is thicker than juice, but it comes out easily. You can press (just lightly) and it comes right out in the bowl.

In the photo above, I am using my right hand on the sauce and the left hand for the camera (someone needs an assistant around here huh?). That was the only way I could get the label to show, and although it is not how I would usually pour sauce, it worked out just fine as you can see. This shot also gives you a good idea as far as how the spout on this new packaging works.

Dad's BBQ Sauce by Honey Bunny

Any product with a honey base is going to be sweet, so I opted to go with chicken (which works well with a sweet sauce). I do cut up chicken pieces too, but the boneless chicken breasts and tenders are super quick and easy, so it was another of those fast food grilling nights. You can read about how to do the boneless chicken on the grill on my main site - Yes You Can Grill. If you use the little tenders, then you need to cut the grilling time - those grill up real fast. Watch them close.

Chicken Tenders on the Char-Broil Urban with Dad's BBQ Sauce

This is the darkest colored sauce I think I've ever used on the grill. Trust me. I did not burn anything. This is just a rich dark sauce with a honey base.

I put the chicken on very briefly to "set" it and get the grill marks, and then I sauced it early. With full cuts of chicken, you want to wait to sauce with a sugar or honey sauce until the last 10 minutes or so. With these small pieces, It might just be 10 minutes total depending on your heat level.

Grilled Chicken Tenders with Honey Bunny Dad's BBQ Sauce

My youngest son adores honey, and he loves the dark honey from the mountains. At the grocery store, you mostly get the light stuff which does not have as much flavor. So, he really rocked the chicken tonight. This is one of his all time favorite barbecue sauces.

On my end, I do say thumbs up. This is an excellent sauce for meats that go well with a quite sweet sauce. I would not put it on beef myself, but different strokes. I call it an excellent chicken and pork barbecue sauce. I liked the thick and rich flavor with honey taking center stage on the grilled chicken.

I'd also note that this is an organic product. It even has organic onion powder. I did not even know they made that. So, if you are in to organic, then Honey Bunny is all about that.

I'll have to check out more of this line. They sure seem to progressive with their ideas. The barbecue sauce is really good. My Poppaw was a beekeeper, and my son is a huge fan on honey. The packaging is interesting too and may make it easier for small batch companies to get products out there. I hope so, because there are some amazing barbecue sauces on the market, and most of them are not on your grocery store shelf.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I can't believe you just posted this a few days ago and I am finding it through a Google search! I am so glad you did!

I don't really buy or enjoy barbecue sauces myself, so I am looking for some guidance, and I always see this one at the grocery store. Was it a very intense flavour of honey? Or is there still a smokey taste to it? If you wouldn't mind just sort of explaining the flavours a bit, that would be awesome! Thanks in advance!


CA said...

Well, it was a year ago and not a couple of days ago. It's a good barbecue sauce. Heavy honey. Rich taste. Don't put it on too early in the grilling or honey burn.