Thursday, August 11, 2011

College Son Learns to Grill Boneless Chicken Breasts Spiced Up with Country Chef Grilling Sauce

Youngest Son Gets Some Grilling Lessons Before Heading Off to College

My son headed off to college this week, and he said he'd like to learn a little about grilling beforehand. His older brother is getting in the grilling groove at UNC, and he's found that it's easy to make friends at college over a hot grill especially when the food is good.

I thought grilled boneless chicken breasts would be a good starter barbecue project. That's our fast food around here. Fire up the grill. Dinner is ready in minutes if you do the chicken filets or tenders. I wrote up the directions on How to Grill Boneless Chicken if you need some tips and help on that. I wrote out just what I told my son.

For the sauce, I pulled out Country Chef Grilling Sauce Honey Recipe. Country Chef is a 100% all natural recipe that tastes like homemade. Plus, my son loves honey. I wanted his first chicken grilling session to be a good one, and I trust this line of sauces which you can find at Ingles grocery and some other places now too.

Country Chef 100% All Natural Grilling Sauce - Honey Recipe

I told my son . . . OK first thing . . . you take a picture of the jar of sauce. He got a laugh out of that, because he knows that's what I do. I think and hope it makes it easier to find sauces and other products I talk about.

Eli got a pass on photo taking and picked up with the actual grilling. I watched and mentioned a few tips along the way, but he grilled up the chicken for dinner.

Grilled Chicken with Country Chef BBQ Sauce - My Son's First Time

I think my son got the grilling gene and probably a good general idea about how to successfully grill just from watching and helping out over the years. His barbecue chicken turned out beautiful, and it did taste as good as it looked. Any sauce can be used, but the sauce is pretty key on boneless chicken breasts. I'm glad I pulled out Country Chef Honey for his last week home and working on his grilling skills.

Now I'm home alone, and it sure is quiet. I can grill for one, but I had a night class so I didn't fire up tonight. I'll be back on the grill again soon - of course. I'm not really hungry just yet, because it's hard when your last kid moves off. Where is that box of Kleenex anyway?

I am excited for my son, and I'm sure he'll do great at Catawba College. It was fun to pass along the barbecue torch, and I'll look forward to when he comes home, and we can grill some more together.


Chris said...

Congrats to both your boys.

You going to Franklin this weekend? I wanted to but my son's first football game is that afternoon.

Tara said...

Aww, this made me a little teary eyed! I know how much you love your boys! We have to catch up soon!