Saturday, January 21, 2012

Grilled Pork Chops with Fischer & Wieser Havest Peach Sauce

Fischer & Wieser Peach Sauced BBQ Grilled Pork Chops

My son popped in from college last night, and a package from Toni Leigh had just arrived with Fischer & Wieser Harvest Peach Hatch Pepper Sauce (long name huh?). Toni sends me new products from Fischer & Wieser to try out on my grills, and I test them out and see how they go over here at the Barbecue Master house.

I hadn't really planned to grill, since it started raining, but my youngest son is a real peach freak. He even planted a peach tree in the yard, but the squirrels keep stripping it bare before we get many. My son isn't much of a squirrel fan due to that. In fact, he has suggested grilled squirrel, but I like the squirrels even if they eat the peaches, so we still just try to chase them away from the peach tree - unsuccessfully.

Fischer & Wieser is marketed as a finishing sauce with some heat from cilis from Hatch Valley in New Mexico that are roasted and then mixed with fresh sweet peaches. So, it's one of the newer sweet heat combo sauces.

I opened up the bottle. The smell was devine. It really did small like fresh peaches, and that' coming from a Carolina girl. I could also pick up the lighter heat notes. Yum.

Since I'd not planned on griling, I pulled out some thin cut pork chops. I needed something I could thaw quickly (in the sink in cool water) but also that would go well with the peach flavor. Pork hit me as perfect.

Since the chops were thin, I used the sauce as a pre-marinade. With thicker chops, I likely would have waited and lathered on sauce. Sugars in sauces can burn on the grill if over the fire too long.

The peach sauce looked really amazing when I poured it out. The texture was smooth but with chunks of peaches. And, the smell filled the kitchen. I was hoping this quick meal was going to taste as good as I was anticipating.

I put the pork chops on the Portable Kitchen cooker. It's cast aluminum and holds heat really well. Since it was cold and rainy, I needed that heat retention. My coals were still running a little cooler than I would have liked, since the rain was blowing in sideways.

With these chops about a half inch, it took about 3 or 4 minutes per side. Time varies on the thickness and the heat. I grill so much that I can eyeball items like pork chops, but you can always use a thermometer to double check. Dried out grilled pork chops aren't too tasty.

These pork chops were spot on. Juicy and tender. The Fischer & Wieser Peach sauce was terrific. The chops were perfectly peachy with just enough heat to taste great but not so much as to cover up the nice pork flavor.

The company has a halibut recipe using the peach sauce which sounds really good too. I may have to try that out soon.

If you're looking for a nice sauce to make your pork, fish, or chicken taste gourmet without having to spend hours making up your own sauce, I would highly recommend Fischer & Wieser Peach. It tastes yummy, and it grills up really nice as well.

Here's a photo of the bottle, so you'll know what to look for, or they also sell online which is always nice, since some of the best sauces are not available at many grocery stores.

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