Sunday, May 27, 2012

Barbecue Master Meets Myron Mixon at Brenau BBQ Competition

Myron Mixon at the Brenau University BBQ Comp in Georgia

When I decided to drive down for the Brenau University BBQ Festival, I noticed that Myron Mixon would be there. He's a legend in BBQ and on Pitmasters on TV. Although I'm not the groupie type, I was hoping I'd get a chance to meet someone who does barbecue for a living. That's a pretty cool job huh?

If you're not familiar with Myron Mixon (gasp), then he's kind of the bad boy of the group on the TV show. He's always talking smack. But, some of my barbecue friends told me he's actually a good guy in person. I know how the media can "spin," so that made sense.

Jack's Old South Barbecue Team with Myron Mixon

First I'd note that Mixon is with Jack's Old South Barbecue Team on the comp circuit. Believe me, no single guy is setting up like this and pulling a full pig on and off a smoker on his own. That would be like white water rafting with only one guy in a six man boat. Or like when the boys were little and some company put me and two little elementary school boys in a big raft and let us go. I ended up under the raft jammed against a rock. No. Big time barbecue is a team sport.

I introduced myself to the team bouncer. Just kidding. I think I spoke first to a top level pitmaster and told him that I'm a freelance writer. Many people still seem to think that freelance means "out of work hack." WRONG. In any case, the guy you see sitting to the left in the chair read me the riot act. I should do this and than and not do that and . . . and . . . and

"I'm not trying to sound mean," said my new friend.

Being the wicked person I am and also being quick on my feet and with words, I said, "Ah, you must be Myron's brother."

This confused my new friend, because he does not look like Myron Mixon, and there would be no reason for me to draw that conclusion.

"Uh, no," said the pitmaster (and looking confused).

"Oh, I thought since you're being mean to me, you must be Myron's brother," I said. Now, I said this with a straight face and Southern grace. But, my pitmaster friend understood me and had to work hard at not looking amused. You know how guys look when they want to laugh but are just too macho to do so.

After that we were "good." This wasn't my first rodeo, and I'm not the type to be obnoxious (unless forced to be). I've never bothered or annoyed any barbecue team except maybe one. Some chick snapped at me once when I was standing way back and getting a photo. That's OK. I gave that team their due on placing second (and the rest of the crew really were nice), but I did not link them in the article. They sell grills; I don't sell anything. So, I didn't need a photo, but they could have used a link. Karma (-:

The pitmaster flagged me down and tipped me off that Myron was on site, so I was able to meet him and get a photo. See. I did charm the pitmaster with humor. And, I do understand that they do get jerks who suck up time and energy and get in the way. I don't do that. I'm in and out but available if someone has time to talk more.

Myron Mixon and Cyndi Allison

As you can see, Myron is a sport. I said "hi" and had my son shoot a photo. My Facebook friends were expecting me to have a Myron/Cyndi shot. I mean really . . . who wouldn't want to have a picture with the Barbecue Master? It's five minutes maybe and good publicity and free since barbecue is my hobby and not my job. I do write professionally, but Barbecue Master is just my baby where I can write what I want and in my own Southern voice. If I want to earn bucks, I do technical writing or dig ditches.

I can now attest that Myron Mixon is a really nice Southern guy. He does have a heart and manners. And, he really does kick butt. Well, really he kicked whole hog and won the Brenau top title this year. Congratulations Myron and Jack's Old South and especially my pitmaster friend who did not tell me his name (but I'd know him if I saw him). Someone needs to send me his name and tell him I thought he was adorable in that evil eye sort of way (-: Thanks pitmaster guy who tried hard not to like me. I just grow on people like that.

  Mixon Book and Sauces at Brenau Festival

As an added bonus, I got to meet Myron's wife and daughter. They were working a vendor booth with Myron's new barbecue book and sauces. You could get a pork sandwich too, but I was so full that I could hardly waddle so couldn't eat another bite of pork (or anything else) by this point.

Myron has a beautiful wife and daughter and both were delightfully friendly. It was a pleasure to chat with both ladies and to see the people that mean the most to Myron. I just wish I'd asked them for a photo, because you can't see much in this one )-:

I bought a bottle of Jack's Old South Tangy Sweet Rib Sauce. It has all kinds of fruits in there, and I can't wait to try it out. Could be a while though. I have an online class going and a trip to Missouri to meet up with my Winter Grillin friends. No. It's not winter. We hang all year round. Next week will be our first group face-to-face meet up and grill-a-thon.

Cyndi - enjoying her road tripping summer


Kevin said...

This is an awesome post, Cyndi! You're such a class act, and I marvel at how you handled that situation. I think some BBQ teams are starting to feel a bit like pro athletes. Lots of remoras out there!

I too have found Myron to be a class act.

Pam said...

Great reading here! I enjoyed all the news from the Brenau BBQ festival and competition -- the pics are great too!

Making It Happen! said...


Great article! You are so right about Myron, a true Southern Gentleman once you get to know him. It was a pleasure meeting you at the Brenau BBQ, you are a class act yourself! We hope you enjoyed the peanuts!
Patti and Stew Blakley
Making It Happen!

CA said...

Yes. The boiled peanuts with Old Bay were delicious! There are photos in my FaceBook album

Chris said...

Now that's funny, nice way to handle the "bouncer". Glad that you had a fun time.

Unknown said...

I had a blast at his school: