Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cub Scouts Enjoy Learning How to Grill Sausages

Grilling with Cub Scout Pack 320

My friend from work, Lori, invited me to visit with Cub Scout Pack 320 last week. The boys were working on the communication loop, and I thought they'd be interested in new technology like my blog. Since it's a grilling blog, it seemed like a good idea to break out the grill for some hands on fun.

Cub meetings only last an hour, so I needed something quick and easy. My grilled sausage appetizers take only a few minutes on the grill, so I knew that would work for a short meeting. I also knew that there were steps where the boys could help out which is more fun than just sitting there listening.

I was going to pick up everything, but Lori insisted on getting the supplies (thanks - that was really nice). Our local IGA grocery store has the best (and also inexpensive) bulk smoked sausages. They are pre-cooked, so that's what makes this a quick grilling project. Kielbasa or any pre-cooked sausage works.

It's Great to Have an Involved Audience

I sliced the sausages, since I didn't want to chance any Cubs getting cut, but the rub shaking part was perfect for this age group. The sausages go in zip lock bags with barbecue rub or seasoning, and then they just need to be shaken around until the sausages have a nice coating. I used one of my favorite rubs - Dizzy Pig. It's mild with a wonderful flavor, and my boys (actually young men now) love Dizzy Pig.

As you can see, I had no shortage of volunteers. That's one really fun part of working with Cub Scouts. They are excited about helping out. You never have to ask twice for volunteers.

Shaking the Sausages with Barbecue Rub

My son who is an Eagle Scout and headed off to graduate school at the end of the summer helped the boys get the sausages in the bag with the rub, and then they took turns shaking and tossing the bags. I had a few bags going at once so several boys could help out at the same time.

Stirring the Grilled Sausages

I used my grill wok (which is super handy), because I can do a lot of sausages at once and they can be stirred rather than turned. One of the Cubs sprayed down the wok with non-stick spray, and then others helped out on the stirring. This gave them a chance to work with grill tongs without having to worry about sausages rolling off the grill (which can be a challenge for adults too).

Yum! Grilled Sausages

Since the sausages are pre-cooked, they just need to be heated and for the rub to crisp up. This doesn't take long (just minutes), and then another batch can go on the grill. We were able to do the program, prep the sausages, and grill two batches in an hour.

 Cubs Love Grilled Food

The Cub Scouts were excited to dig in and eat the sausages. Food is always a hit with Scouts. I've been working with Cub and Boy Scouts for years now, I don't think you can ever have too much food.

Cub Scout Enjoying Sausages

As you can see, this little guy (armed with toothpicks) is thinking about a few more sausages. He and all his Pack buddies were gentlemen and made sure everyone had food before getting extras.

Cub Scout Pack 320 - Woodleaf, North Carolina

Visiting and working with the Cubs was great fun. I'd like to thank Pack 320 for the warm reception and a wonderful evening. I'd also like to thank Lori for inviting me and all the leaders and parents who helped out and are doing such a super job with these little guys.

I encourage everyone to spend some time with youth groups in your area. It's very rewarding to help (even in a small way), because these kids are our future. They are full of energy and excited about learning, and they need more of us to step up.


Lori Sipes said...

Thanks so much to U Cyndi and Caleb for coming out to the Cub meeting and making it so much fun and so delicious!!! The little guys had so much fun and were all so well behaved - you were able to keep all those little boys still and they really were all so eager to help out too :)
thanks again Cyndi & Caleb - you're both awesome :)

Chris said...

Awesome job, Cyndi! Great organization to work with and seems like they loved it.