Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Grilled Loaded Nachos with El Restaurante Nacho Chips

El Restaurante Nacho Chips

Courtney with Tim's Cascade Snacks sent me a free bag of nacho chips to try out. I test out products from time to time, and since the whole family loves Mexican food, this seemed like a good bet.

The idea with these new nacho chips was to have chips like you'd get at an authentic Mexican restaurant. I know they are better out than what we usually get in a bag, so I was hoping . . .

Grilled Loaded Nachos with El Restaurante Nacho Chips

We decided to go with loaded nacho chips on the grill which is a quick and easy dish and very tasty too.

How To Make Grilled Nacho Chips

First I put the chips down and added around a pound of cooked and drained ground hamburger mixed with a pack of taco seasoning.

The guys put on some of their favorite toppings, and then we added cheese. In this case, it's basic cheddar cheese.

The guys again added some toppings. You can kind of see the dividing line between the son who loves hot and spicy peppers and the one who goes for black olives.

I put the pan in the grill and put the lid down. I checked every few minutes, since these get done super fast. It can take less than five minutes if the grill is pretty hot. When the cheese is melted, the nachos are done. Just that easy.

Grilled Nacho Chips Ready to Eat

Our El Restaurante nachos were ready, and we had homemade guacamole, salsa, and sour cream on the side. We also had a few chips left for dipping in our condiments.

 Dinner at Our House with Grilled El Restaurante Nachos and a Hand Tossed Salad

The El Restaurante Tortilla Chips were absolutely fabulous. They are the best nacho chips I've had even comparing to ones made at Mexican restaurants. They have a nice full 100% corn flavor, and the sea salt is just perfect on the nacho chips. These chips are all natural with no preservatives, no added colors, and no trans fats, so that's an extra bonus.

We don't have these chips locally yet, but I'll look for them. They are sold in Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii, Alaska, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas right now. I did look them up and found that they can be purchased soon online in the restaurant style or the rounds at Tim's Cascade Snacks.

If you see a bag of these tortilla chips, be sure to pick up a bag. I'm sure you'll be impressed. They got all thumbs up here, and the guys hate we're out now.

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Chris said...

I always wondered what made tortilla chips from restaurants seem so much better than out of the bag at home.