Monday, April 21, 2014

Bella Vita Wine Nets - Pretty, Practical, and Cute as Can Be

Quick Quiz - Guess What These Are?

If you were thinking pot holders, trivets, or Frisbee tossing disks, then you're on the wrong track.

These are actually wine nets (or bottle nets) by Bella Vita. I kid you not. These little flat disks will make carrying your wine easier and so much sportier.

Off to Party with my Wine in Bottle Nets

You know it can be hard to carry in wine or other bottled beverages, but it's super easy with the bottle nets. Also, you look quite elegant (especially if you wear your dress clothes which apparently mine were in the wash). The yellow one on your right even makes a flower shape at the top.

These are green (as in can be used over and over), and they also would make a nice gift along with the bottle of wine. Just use a little ribbon to keep them pulled up around the bottle. They go back to the flat and easy to store shape when you let them go.

A Closer Look at the Wine and Bottle Net

My barbecue buddies think these are really neat (although many of them are beer drinkers - may have to try these on a 40), and so do I. In fact, I love the whole concept and how these wine carriers work. It's two thumbs way up from me.

You can find these at Bella Vita. Now I'm lusting after the lavender and red one. I guess I'll have to drink a lot of wine and wear mine out (bet that would take a long while), or I could pick up some of the other colors for holiday gifts.

I hope everyone will like these as much as I did. I was confused when I opened the package, but once I figured these out, I was wowed (which does not happen too very often).

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