Sunday, March 12, 2006

Pork Chops and Texas Toast on the Grill

Pork Chops Grilling - Will Add BBQ Sauce Near the End

The dad person wasn't the keen on the idea of slathering BBQ sauce on the pork chops. He's rather a pork purist as he grew up on a hog farm in Kansas. Hey, I'm easy. If someone else wants to grill, then whatever they want to try out is fine by me. I read some stats that suggested that more males grill, but the females decide on the menu and how the stuff is cooked. Come on girls. Let the guys play a bit. If it gets you out of the kitchen, then it's no skin off your nose. And, the fellows come up with some good stuff if you give them free rein.

Anyway, those were some massive chops. I know he used lemon pepper--a real staple for grillers. Other than that, I don't know and didn't ask. I'm not ruining a good thing. I'm glad the guys are doing some of the outdoor cooking. Gives me more time for writing and blogging. Plus, they're just darn fine. So the lesson of the day is: Don't micro-manage.

We had some Omaha Steak potatoes with the pork. I think they were called au gratin potatoes, but they tasted more like potato pancakes but a bit stiffer--in a ball shape. I did those in the oven while the guys manned the grill. My youngest son loves those, and we're definately buying some more.

To round out the meal, we had Texas Toast. Those come in the freezor section. You just toss them on the grill about the time the meat is done. Yum. They are tasty and especially with the char marks and the smoke flavor. It only takes a few minutes to heat up frozen Texas Toast. Check out the frozen section of the grocery and add some easy bread to your outdoor meal.

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