Friday, April 28, 2006

Beyond Barbecue - You need some sides dishes of course.

If I haven't put a few pounds on your frame with my Barbecue recipes, then buy some fat pants and check out my newest space at Garden and Hearth--Southern Cooking.

I have a few great side dishes like Best Ever Potato Salad in with my outdoor recipes. I was thrilled when I talked one of the local ladies out of that one. Some of the great southern cooks won't share their secrets. I'm not even big on potato salad, but that one totally rocked. In any case, it made sense to branch out with side dishes and desserts. After all, what's a cookout without the extras. Now, I can share all the family cooking secrets.

Of course, I'm really cooking like crazy now. This makes my boys very happy.

Strawberries are just coming in around here. And, they're even good for you. I love foods that both taste like heaven and don't clog my arteries--and those are rare I must add.

For a little sample, here's the strawberry pie we had this evening. It's so easy to make that even the kids can nail it, and it tastes great too. If you're close a refrigerator, then this one is perfect with a grilled out meal.

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