Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I knew we should have paid more for the covered seats!

Woudn't you know it. The Buffett concert kicked off right at 8 pm as scheduled (good job there), and the rain started on cue and song one at 8:05. Great weather all day. Perfect for tailgating. The show starts. Down comes the rain.

I just know Jimmy Buffett is sure to check in on my blog. Though he can't control the weather, I would suggest hitting some of the mega hits off the top when you've got a rowdy field of people getting wet clear through to the underwear. The first few songs were the typical "plugging the new CD" type, and that's all well and good unless you're dry and your fans are getting drenched.

Oh well, most Buffett fans are easy. A very few cut out early. Most huddled up and shared tarps or just rolled around in the mud. Certainly, it will be a show remembered by all who stuck it out.

To his credit, Jimmy did skip the typical mid-concert break. Played straight through. And, I know he didn't have to. Gotta give him credit for that. The show rocked on from start to finish and no rest time.

This was an evening more suited to my Southern Cooking than my Barbecue Master page. By the time we got home, we weren't looking to eat. It was right to bed. Monday comes early when you hit a Buffett concert on Sunday night. And that reminds me, Come Monday is another great Buffett song that most folks like.

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