Sunday, April 19, 2009

More Photos from the Asheboro, North Carolina First Annual Chili Cook Off Contest

The Chili Cook Off in Asheboro, North Carolina yesterday (4-18-09) was quite and experience. It was the first time they'd had this street festival, so no one really knew what to expect. No problem. Folks had a good time, and that's what counts.

I hope they do make the Chili Cook Out an annual NC event. I guess folks need to let Bryan who owns the Bagel Shop in town know that, because he came up with the idea and made it happen. Thumbs up to him and everyone who worked really hard to see to it that everyone felt like family in Asheboro.

Welcome to the Pepsi generation. Pepsi is a North Carolina soft drink or soda as it's often called in these parts. Head further toward the mountains, and it's pop. In any case, the kids love it. Great on a hot day - if not so very healthy. But, it was a Chili Cook Off after all.

Next year, someone needs to put this fellow in charge of something. He danced for an hour or more solid I think, and he didn't even break a sweat. Must have waited until after to test out the chili.

They don't use those kiddie leashes in Asheboro. Nope. It's more the village system. Several little ones made a break for the stage and a couple even managed to hit it a couple of times. No big deal. That's what kids do. Made me think of the Sawyer Brown song - "The Race is On." The band didn't play that, but they did some other great country favorites.

The call can wait. Here, have a bite. Oh well. Just slurp it down and keep on talking. Got ya. It's a hot one. No. Not really. But, that could be a fun trick for those who are cell phone addicted.

Now, this is what I call having a big time. Crank that music up a little louder, and we're going to rock this town all night long (or until 10 p.m.)

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