Saturday, April 04, 2009

Small Southern College Barbecue and Grilled Food

I don't think they usually have North Carolina pork barbecue at Catawapalooza at Catawba College. If so, I have always managed to miss it. For anyone wondering what NC BBQ looks like, this is it. Our barbeque is slow cooked pork shoulder/butt or whole hog and then chopped. This is fine chopped. Some is chopped coarse. It varies from town to town and place to place. Pork barbecue is usually served with a vinegar sauce, but I did not see any at Catawbapalooza. Authentic sauce would be a stretch at a big event. It takes time and the right touch to get the NC vinegar sauce just right.
Zane is one of our students, and he majors in Communication. He also plays center for the football team. He was out helping with Catawbapalooza today. He's just that kind of guy. It was a joy to have him in class, and I was not a bit suprised that he pitched in to make the college spring fun day a good time. In fact, I find that almost all of our football players are stand up. Coach Chip Hester is one of the finest men I know, and he makes a real effort to stress the importance of giving back to the community to his team. The guys do a lot of community service, and they are hard workers in class as well as being polite and team players off the field too.

Here is a closer view of North Carolina chopped barbecue. It looks simple when you see it like this. In fact, it takes many hours to cook down NC pork. That's why you don't see it just everywhere and why it's not a fast food meal. You really have to love barbecue to get into the business. And, you need a good wood pile and a smoke house.

Here is my barbecue sandwich from Catawbapalooza. NC BBQ is typically served on a bun. We had chips and cookies today with such a big group to feed. If you visit a barbecue restaurant in the area, then you will generally get a Carolina barbecue sandwich with hush puppies (like at a fish house) and with slaw and French fries. To drink - of course- sweet tea.

They did have NC barbecue slaw today at the Catawba College spring fun day. That is put on the bun with the barbecue meat. The above is the most typical slaw - a red slaw that has some vinegar and is kind of spicy. Some places serve a mayo based slaw - more like traditional slaw. I am, to be honest, not a big slaw fan. I might eat it on the side, but I do not like my bun to get soggy. So, I usually hold the slaw, unless I can get it really on the side.

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