Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cajun Cowboy Seasoning Rub Put Some Zip in Our Grilled Kabob Chicken

Tonight I tried out a new all purpose seasoning called Cajun Cowboy which is rub style when you're talking grilling. This one is from Wyoming and says "western style," although it's a cajun type sprinkle.

Harry (my step dad) is from Wyoming, and he picked up the rub when he and my Mom went out to see his side of the family this summer. Harry's a really great guy, and he thought about me and my grilling when he was on his trip.

This rub is from Riverton so a local product for Harry (or before he moved here when he married my Mom). I've not been out there yet, but I hear Harry and Mom talk about Riverton and all the good folks there. So, I had to look up Hi Mountain Seasoning to find out more about it. It looks like their main product is jerky, but they have other products like the Cajun Cowboy rub.

I tried Cajun Cowboy on kabob grilled chicken. I also had Yanni grilling cheese and green peppers on the Fire Wire kabobs, but I seasoned the various foods in different bowls. There was some blending with the food on kabob wires, but the flavors were distinct with the food marinaded separately.

My younger son is not keen on real hot foods, so I went pretty light on the Cajun Cowboy rub. It smelled great when I opened it, but I could tell it had some kick.

I was real impressed with the chicken. Cajun Cowboy rub does have heat, but it's the pleasant versus the hurting kind of hot. Yum. I went thumbs up from the first bite.

I asked Eli what he thought. This is the test for those who can't handle much heat. He said, "That's real good chicken. Whatever you put on it makes it taste better than regular chicken." He's not a gushy kid, so that's some heap high praise.

I'll have to try out some more Hi Mountain products. This all purpose seasoning can be used on the grill as I did but can also be used with kitchen cooking or on the table like salt or pepper. It's all purpose, but I found it to be an excellent chicken grilling sprinkle. I'd have to agree with Eli that this was some of the best tasting chicken I've grilled, and goodness knows I grill a lot of chicken. Healthy. Tasty. Quick. Inexpensive. And, chicken can be dressed up with easily with various rubs and barbecue sauces.


Gary House said...

That sounds fantastic! Can't go wrong with Cajun - Cowboy or otherwise...


Elder Que said...

Thanks for the post on this spice. I'm always looking for something new to try. Based on your post, I ordered the spice on Sunday, received it on Wednesday, and used it today on some chicken tenderloins. It was good. A very nice kick to it. I'll definitely order more.

Anonymous said...

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