Thursday, October 28, 2010

Grilled Chicken on the Char Broil Bistro - Fast Food at Home

Tonight we had fast food, and it was on the Char Broil Patio Bistro. Food Lion had some thin cut boneless chicken, and I know that can be quicker than waiting in line at the drive through plus healthier and tastes better too.

The Bistro grill is electric, so I just heated it up and then went in and got the chicken ready. It heats up hot and fast.

Regular old chicken does not have a whole lot of taste. Sorry chicken folks. Love chicken, but I doctor it up. That really is the nice thing about boneless chicken is that you can do that and get all different flavors.

Tonight I used Cowboy Cajun Rub. It's kind of like a seasoning salt but not salt. It's spicy but not burn you up hot. My mild son can handle it, but it still has a beautiful kick. My step dad brought it back when he went out to Wyoming to his home state earlier this year.

Some of us are saucy here (and others not as much). I sauced some of the grilled chicken with Bob Evans Wildfire. Again, that may sound super hot. It's not. It's a good flavor kick but fine for all but the most timid.

These boneless chicken pieces were very thin cut, so it only took about a couple of minutes on each side to knock them out. Then we had them on buns like burgers but better for our diets especially since the doctor does not like my tri levels.

Get more info on grilling boneless chicken recipes and stuff at my Yes You Can Grill site. I have more ideas there - my basic go to boneless chicken recipe. It's similar, but I did a dry rub here and then sauced. No marinade. This is the super fast food version of chicken on a grill, and YES it was delicious.

There are so many things you can do on grills that are super easy. I do some gourmet dishes as well, but I'll always have quick and easy grilled dishes too, because some days you just don't feel like standing there a long time and having to check and double check.


Chris said...

What kind of temp controls does that have, does it have low-med-hi or actual degree settings? How did you think it cooked? I like the idea of having quick and easy.

CA said...

The Char Broil Bistro is infrared so metal to conduct. It will go 650 on the temp guage on top, and I have hit that. It is a knob and not just low n high etc.

Temp does drop when lid is opened like all grills but more on electric. Hard to push high heat on 110 volts. But, if you do not peep too much, you get good heat and sear plus grill marks.

On the grilling, Bistro does a great job. It is not charcoal, but I do not think anyone could tell the difference versus gas.

If I'm tried after work, I just plug this in and it heats up fast. I prep food, stick it on, and dinner really is fast food.

You won't do pork shoulders etc like a smoker on this, but for grilling burgers, hot dogs, steak, chicken and so on - so easy and spot on real quick on the learning curve.

Douglas Massengill said...

I just bought this grill. How do you clean yours?

CA said...

Hi Douglas - It depends.

If it's not very messy, then I run a grill brush over the grates, and the food particles burn.

On foods that are sauced and the grill grates are pretty messy, then I let the grill cool down and then use a damp cloth to wipe them down.

Now and then, I take the grates out and wash them in the sink, check down in the body of the grill and clean out any messes.

The coating is good on the grill, so I've found it easy to clean up the grill.

Heather said...

Would you cook a whole Chicken on the Patio Bistro and if so, how? Thanks