Thursday, March 29, 2012

Win a Really Nice Grill Cover from Empire Patio Covers - Ends 4-8-2012

Enter to Win a Free Grill Cover From Empire - Easter Drawing

It's that time of year - time to fire up the grill. That's the fun part. The "not so fun" part may be the clean up if you just let your grill sit out after the temperatures went down last season.

I keep my grills under cover which can be challenging, since I have around 30 grills. In some cases, that means they are under the porch or in the garage but not fully covered and protected. I can tell the difference as you can see with this nice Charbroil four burner grill with double side work areas.

How Did My Grill Get This Messy in the Garage?

You can see my grill looks pretty good, but it did get a lot of pollen and general outdoor grime over the winter even though it was in the garage.

If you can't see what I'm talking about, then here is what North Carolina pollen looks like in the spring even if you keep your grill basically inside.

Dirt Happens. Dirty Grills are a Reality.

I'm looking at a pretty easy clean up here, since I did store the grill over the winter. But, you know all that pollen and gunk can't be good for a grill.

Then, consider that many grills sit out in the weather all year and take a lot more abuse than mine. I was tempted to slip over to a neighbor's house for a shot of an uncovered grill and how that looks, but that would be rude and very un-Southern (not to mention I might get shot).

So, take my word for it, a covered grill fares much better. I have covers for about 1/3 of my grills. The covers take the brunt of the mess, and those covered grills are easier to fire up, have less rust problems, and they last longer.

OK. So We Know a Grill Cover is a Great Idea.

When you invest in a barbecue grill, it's a wonderful idea to buy a cover. But, we know how things go. A lot of great ideas do not get the follow up.

But . . . you're in luck (if you win).

Empire Patio Covers is offering two winners free grill covers. They sent me one to check out to see if I wanted to host a contest. I only host contests that I think offer real value to readers. I was impressed with my Empire Grill cover out of the package and then even more so when I put it on my dirty (but now clean) gas grill.

Jimmy Helped Me Get the Grill Cover Out and Cover Up MyBBQ  Grill Investment

Excuse my wrinkles here. You are seeing my grill cover just out of the package, so it's not had time to shake out. I wasn't so sure about ironing it, and I really doubt most buyers would. Well, my Mom might . . .

I can tell you that this is a good quality outdoor grill cover. I've looked at a lot of them (and own several). This one is sized well for standard gas grills with various sizes. They also have straps under with easy-to-use but solid clips. That's not a critical element here usually, but I saw issues with a grill cover at a house we rented at the beach last summer. The house owner had to buy bungie ropes to keep the cover in place. That grill cover was skimpy (unlike the Empire grill cover which covers this entire very large gas grill). And, the Empire is a heavier material as well. So, we're really talking apples and oranges. This grill cover is the real deal, and you don't have to buy bungies.

So . . . How Do You Win a Grill Cover?

I keep my contests low tech and simple. I hate to jump through hoops and have to sign up for all kinds of stuff to enter, so I don't ask you to do that.

First, check out the grill covers at Empire. You'll see that they are sized for gas grills (the most popular selling). Then, check out the colors (right on the page link).

In my comments here, tell me which grill cover you'd like and why you need or want a grill cover.

Be sure to leave some way for me to get in touch. I don't grab your contacts (in case you wondered). But, I do need some way to let you know you won.

Grill Cover Winners

I'm inviting family over for Easter, so I'll have one of the kids draw the two winning names. I make slips and put them in a bucket (the names - not the family kids). Then, I ask for someone neutral to draw.

The deadline is midnight EST April 7, 2012 for the free grill covers, and the drawing will be on Easter April 8, 2012.

I'll contact the winners after we wrap up our Easter fun here and allow three days to get back in touch.

Empire takes care of the prizes and getting those out to the winners.

Extra Entries?

I know a lot of contests include extra entries, and people like to up the odds. I want readers to add entries only if they want to and they add value. We can see why I am not in sales (-:

With that in mind, here are some extra entry options:

1. Invite a friend to enter and have them mention your name in the comments, so I'll know to add another slip for you. They can just put BLANK sent me.

2. Tweet this free gas grill cover contest and tag it #cyndiallison. That's my Twitter name, so I can look up those entries.

3. Link this contest on Facebook and add a note in my comments here at Barbecue Master to let me know you did that.

4. Google plus the contest and again let me know here in my comments.

That's a total of five ways to enter, and you don't get stalked or get junk email or contacts. On the other hand, you might win a really nice grill cover, and when I do contests, I often find new grill friends which is always a good thing.

Happy barbecue grilling. Good luck to all. Wish everyone could win. It's definately worth a shot. These are very nice grill covers.



Anonymous said...


PhatKatBBQ said...

Cyndi, Color does not matter, Just need a cover for the grill, that gets to suffer in the harsh Iowa weather year round.

Larry G said...

Good Morning Cyndi, I have a Solaire grill and it measures 45 wide X 28 deep x 48 tall. The current cover, the original is in need of replacement

Robert Simon said...

Hey Cyndi! Thank you so much for offering this giveaway. I have a decent grill, that I am afraid will cease to exist with the cover I have. It is cracked from the sun, the inside stuffing (cushion material) is being taken by the squirrels for lining their nests. It is so sorry looking, that I am afraid the neighbors will report me to the BBQ Grill Police for grill abuse and neglect and haul me off to the BBQ Penitentiary (where there is NO BBQ) If that isn't a good enough reason, I don't know what is. Thanks again, Robert

Robert Simon said...

Forgot to mention: I forgot to mention size and color, should I be fortunate enough to win. Hunter Green, Medium cart style. I hope I hope.....Robert

Anonymous said...

Enter Greg from Winter Grilling. Tech probs getting through. Tks.

CA said...

Chris from Winter Grillin entered. Didn't get the comment through. Manually adding. Thanks, Cyndi

CA said...

I do moderate comments, so you guys don't have to read through spam when you visit. Some comments are not coming through at the moment. Likely a temp Blogger glitch.

If you entered and your entry does not show up, then email me cyndiallison at and I'll do a manual add as with a couple above.


Anonymous said...

Cyndi, I don't have a gas grill, but it should make a great prize for our Winter Grillin 1st Annual Get Together....Lon

SteveK said...

Cyndi, I too need a BBQ cover , one for my Char/griller and one for my new Wombat....Thanks....

SteveK said...

Cyndi, I need grill cover ,one for my Char/Griller and one for my new Wombat........HELP!!! ;)

Julie said...

like the metro brown we need a cover because we don't have one :)

s said...

Metro Brown in the large. A storm ripped apart the old cover so we don't currently have one. I keep finding critter tracks on the exterior tray/shelf part of the grill that drives me crazy - I think it is a raccoon! UGH

tnxns09 at gmail dot com

Leslie said...

Thia would be awesome to win! The Metro Brown Medium Cart Style BBQ Grill Cover would be perfect for my grill. I live in the pacific northwest and don't have a cover so I have to wheel it in and out of the garage to use, which is a pain.


Michele N said...

Large cover in Metro Brown--don't have a cover for our grill and it would be so nice to keep it on the deck

mneuhouser at gmail dot com

Michele N said...

I tweeted


mneuhouser at gmail dot com

MonkeyMama88 said...

The metro brown medium cart style bbq grill cover would make my fiance so happy! He doesn't have a cover for his grill and has to keep it on the porch. Thanks!

johnsmom said...

I like the Metro brown medium cart style cover! I need a cover because I don't have one and my BBQ is starting to rust.

johnsmom said...

Shared on Google+

Karla said...

I'd like the metro brown in small or large. Because my husband is out buying a new grill today and I'd like to keep it looking like new.

karlatrx AT gmail DOT com

Debbie Kennedy said...

I love the Hunter Green cover (think we'd need the large). This would be an awesome gift to give hubby for father's day. Our cover is pretty tattered and he would love a new one! Thanks for the chance.
cleaningrhouse at yahoo dot com

cbusch said...

Large in Hunter Green. Our cover is worn out. This would be perfect. Thank you chaselhoff at usa dot net

Kwolek21 said...

60" Wide x 29" Deep x 50" High in Nutmeg. Hopefully, having a grill cover will keep the little kiddies from peeking in and investigating.

Kwolek21 said...

Twitted twit name is kwolek21!/kwolek21/status/188743765920460801

posted by

kpintn said...

I like the Metro Brown cover and need because my husband left ours laying on the deck and the dog destroyed it!
kpintn / at/hotmail(dot)com

Kwolek21 said...

And I goggle plused (sharded) with my friends
posted as

Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

I would love to win the brown striped cover for my hubby. His hobby is smoking and barbequing. Our old cover is very worn out and needs replacing. Winning would be fantastic! Thanks.

Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

My facebook entry:

Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

twitter entry:!/ccmouse/status/188769761948209152

RachelR said...

The metro brown medium cart style bbq grill cover would be fantastic! Thank you for the opportunity to win.

Harold D said...

I like the Nutmeg, large.

My carport is so small that my grill doesn't fit under it, so it stays outside a lot. I really would love one of these covers!

Thanks for the chance!

Gina said...

I would love a grill cover in nutmeg! I need one, because I live in Oregon and it rains a lot!

Gina said...

I tweeted @Jeansrhee.

Gina said...

I shared on Facebook!

Anonymous said...

I love the Metro Brown medium grill cover. I need a new one because a stray neighbor cat sprayed on mine. :(
jenswps at yahoo . com

kellyr78 said...

I like the 72" Wide x 29" Deep x 50" High in Nutmeg and I need this so we can clear up room in our garage and keep the grill on our deck.


kellyr78 said...

Shared this giveaway on FB!/KellyDSaver/posts/203439009759480