Thursday, June 05, 2008

Make Great Barbecue Party Pictures

Don't forget to pack the camera and plenty of spare batteries when you're headed to a barbecue or out tailgating. It's really fun to have photos capturing special memories - even better if the photos are good (-:

My photographer friend, Bob Kovacs, wrote a great photo article for my Yes You Can Grill web site about making Party Photos. Above you'll see one of his photos of friends out on a boat. There are more great shots over at Yes You Can Grill as well as tips so that your pictures turn out wonderful.

Bob helped me with my party and food photos. You should see some of my early ones. Not so special )-: He gave me some ideas on what to do to make my shots better, and I was thrilled that he put some tips down to share with everyone.

Happy photo snapping!

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