Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Before the 4th of July Church Cook Out

Mom Really Did Not Eat Two Hot Dogs

Father of Two of Our Military Members with Friend - We Miss the Boys

My Special Church Lady Friend and Her Yummy Chocolate Cake

Our annual pre 4th of July Sunday lunch to honor veterans is always a lot of fun. This year was no exception as you can see.

After a really nice service with candles to honor each branch of the service and one for family members, we all headed to the back room for hamburgers and hot dogs. One of my high school friend's and his family grilled this year.

The ladies of the church made desserts. I must say that our church ladies make awesome desserts. It's always hard to decide what to get.

Usually I get whatever my special church lady friend brings. She is cutting her chocolate cake above, and I brought a piece home. I was too full after lunch to really enjoy a dessert, and I am looking forward to savoring every bite this evening.

My church lady buddy also sent a piece of chocolate cake for my son who was a lazy bum and stayed home (-: I told him I ought to eat his piece of cake, but I won't.

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