Tuesday, June 24, 2008

No Cook Out Tonight - It's a Gully Washer

A Hard North Carolina Rain

My Youngest Runs Out to Fix the Downspout - Gotta Love Old Houses

Holy Hail Balls Batman - Those Suckers are Loud

The Kid Catches a Few Hail Balls for Fun

I was thinking about grilling some burgers this evening, but my youngest son (our resident weatherman) told me that a storm was brewing. Sure enough. I checked News 14 Weather on the Ones, and there was a big old weather blob heading our way.

We whipped up some Hamburger Helper. It's quick. The boys love it. I keep a box on hand for nights like this when the power may go out. Last time, the Hamburger Helper got about half cooked, and I let it coast to the finish while we hunted up the candles.

This storm blew in pretty wicked with some big old hail balls, but we didn't lose the power. We did shut stuff down, since I've blown out a modem before.

The kid remembered that the downspout extender had come unattached, so he said he'd head out in the rain and hail and fix that. I think he just wanted to play in the rain. Boys are like that. I didn't want the basement to flood again, so there you go.

The Hamburger Helper was yummy. Don't tell anyone I said so. And maybe we can grill the burgers tonight, since the sun is shining again.

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