Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Family Night Pot Luck Dinner at Boy Scout Camp

It's Amazing How a Few Days at Camp Make the Boys Love You Ever So Much

Theme at Camp was Cowboys - Our Crowd Had Real Ten Gallon Hats

Our Scoutmaster is the Max - He Comes Up with All the Cool Ideas

Time to Eat - Nobody is Shy About That at Boy Scout Camp

We got to Boy Scout Camp without turning over any of the food which is always a good thing. It can be quite a production to get all the pot luck food made, packed and secured for the hour drive to Camp John J. Barnhardt.

One year we arrived a tad late, so we allowed some extra time. Got there before the boys came to the shelter and got to see them all come in. Most of the boys ran up full speed. Some played it cool - to some extent. It's hard to be too cool when you see your people and especially when they come bearing food.

All the boys had huge ten gallon cowboy hats, since the theme this year was cowboys. The Scoutmaster always comes up with great ideas, and the hats were his inspiration. I heard he made a stagecoach, but I didn't get to see that.

As always, we had loads of great food. That's one thing our troop in known for - great pot lucks. Our boys serving as counselors at camp, of course, opted to eat with us. They know which groups go all out, and our group certainly does.

My kid has been going to camp with the troop. This year he is in the counselor training program. He was issued one counselor shirt which got soaked the first day. No one told him to buy more. So, he got chewed out for wearing his offical Scout shirt, since his counselor shirt was wet. He rounded up some money and bought more shirts. I think it's been a long week, and I'll be glad to get him home on Saturday.

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