Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rib Eye Steak and Tin Foil Potatoes for Dinner

Rib Eye Steak on the Weber Smokey Joe Grill

Rib eye steaks were on sale, and my son was getting back from college orientation, so I thought we should have a cook out.

I've heard rib eyes called "man steaks." I suppose that's because they are big and meaty. I do know that my boys seem to like rib eye the best.

Rib eye steak is the loin part there at the ribs but cut clean without the bones (usually - they can also be cut with the rib bones attached). You may see a little fat (with the eye) but not much though the steak is marbled and perfect for grilling.

I used my easy grilled steak recipe. It's very simple, and I've not found any better way to make delicious steak every time.

There was a bag of potatoes on the counter, so I thought I'd make some tin foil potatoes to go with the steak. I grilled those first and then did the steaks. I had some fresh garlic and put some in the packs. They really smelled great grilling and tasted great too.

We rounded out the meal with some fresh green beans and rolls. The neighbors gave us fresh green beans from their garden. I just cooked them on top of the stove with a little fat back.

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