Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fresh Corn on the Grill in the Husks

The Trick to Grilling Corn in the Husks is to Soak the Corn First

Cook Over Medium Heat on Gas or Over Charcoal

Don't Worry When the Husks Turn Black - That's Normal

My Boys Love Fresh Corn Grilled in the Husks

We spent last week at Cedar Island in a cottage with a grill. This was our second visit to Cedar Sunrise. It's a great place for the outdoorsy types and those who love to grill.

My boys love grilled corn on the cob. We grill corn in husks and also in tin foil. The flavor is a little different - but both ways are good.

Corn takes up less space on the grill when made in tin foil, so that's usually my deciding factor when I shuck, husk, and foil the corn.

It's less work to grill corn in the husks. Just put the corn in a cooler of water for 20 minutes or more. It does not have to be exact, but I'd try to get them on the heat in an hour at the most.

Grill the corn for around 30 minutes. Test with a fork. When the fork slides right in, you know the corn is tender. After a couple of times, you'll have this step down.

The silks just fall right off after the corn is grilled, so that's nice. When I have room, I usually grill it in the husks. Then, I don't have to shuck the corn and desilk it. Those jobs aren't that much fun.

Produce is plentiful on the coast of North Carolina, so we bought corn at roadside stands and had corn with several meals. The boys love corn, so that's always a hit.

It's really easy to grill corn if you know the basics, and it's hard to beat grilled corn.


Stacy said...

Thanks for sharing this - we are new at grilling (my husband and I) and always wanted to make grilled corn but really didn't know the logistics.

CA said...

There are all sorts of little tips that made a world of difference. That's why I started my web site - Yes You Can Grill. It's just a little space online, but I try to cover the basics and give the details that make the difference. Grilling is such fun. I hope you and your husband will keep at it. There's a learning curve, but it's so much fun if you keep trying.

Betsy Sherry said...

Thank you so much for this post!! It was a real time saver tonight. I must admit I was prepared to be disappointed though. So often I have pinned things on Pinterest only to try them and they were a flop. Not this time!! I will always be grilling my corn this way from now on! I even went back to Pinterest and edited my pin letting everyone know IT WORKS!!!! Thanks again!!
Blessings ❤

Anonymous said...

Umm dose not say how long to soak the corn or how long to cook the corn on the grill

xyz said...

Yes... how long do you soak the corn for?

Anonymous said...

It says soak for 20 minutes or more.