Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Join the She-Smoke Virtual Barbecue Contest and Help Fight Hunger

More women are grilling every year according to HPBA, and some new barbecue books are reflecting that trend including She-Smoke: A Backyard Barbecue Book by Julie Reinhardt.

Julie is the co-owner of Smokin' Pete's BBQ in Seattle, so she's had plenty of experience.

Along with the release of the outdoor cooking book, Julie is hosting the She-Smoke Virtual Barbecue Contest. In addition to prizes, she is donating $1 per entry to Heifer International to fight world hunger.

The contest is open to guys too, of course. And the fellows will find Julie's new book helpful too. Just buy a copy for a lady friend and then borrow it (-:

Here's the information on the virtual barbecue cook out:

1) Check out the contest web site.
2) Have a barbecue and video tape it.
3) In your 1-3 minute video tell what you are smoking or grilling and say what barbecue means to you.
4) Upload your video in response to the trailer.
5) For every entry they will donate $1 to Heifer International.
6) Contest dates are now through June 15th 2009. Winners will be announced by July 5th 2009.

Categories include:

1) Best looking barbecue (we can't eat it virtually, so make it a feast for our eyes!)
2) Best Video
3) Best Party - let us feel like we are there!
4) Most Interesting Smoker
5) Best Overall Entry/Grand Champion

Winners will receive a signed copy of She-Smoke: A Backyard Barbecue Book, and the Grand Champion will receive other fabulous prizes.

Check out Julie's blog for updates. I just peeked again, and Traeger is donating a pellet grill for a top prize. That's a good one. We love smoked ribs on the Traeger and can also bake casseroles and even biscuits. It's a whole new experience in outdoor cooking.

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