Sunday, June 19, 2011

BIC Flex Lighter Father's Day Giveaway Winners 2011

Harry and Mom

The BIC flex lighter contest ended last night, and I took my step dad Harry and Mom out for lunch for Father's Day. Harry picked the winning entries, since he doesn't know anyone who visits my blog. Actually I don't think he knows how to get to my blog. Maybe I better run over and bookmark that (-:

The winnners of the 2011 Father's Day Bic Flex Lighter Giveaway are:

Breanne from Hawaii
Robert from New Jersey
Mozja from Pennsylvania

Thanks to eveyone for entering, and congratulations to the winners. I left messages on blogs for two of the winners, and I'm Facebooking one winner. Once I get the three addresses, BIC will mail out the lighters.

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And, Happy Father's Day Harry!

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