Friday, June 24, 2011

Knock! Knock! Let me in the Man Cave for some of those Buffalo Bleu Cheese Brats.

Man Cave Buffalo Bleu Cheese Brats

Tonight I fired up the grill and put some Man Cave Buffalo Bleu Cheese brats on to grill. These are gourmet brats. Well, you could probably guess that. It's not like you go down to the grocery store and buy buffalo meat brats with bleu cheese. Well, it's not like that around here at least.

The guys here really love our standard beer brats, so it's kind of hard to get them excited about changing things up. They like what they like, but they will humor me.

My favorite of the Man Cave brats had been the dried tomoato. Those are really good, but the guys here were still leaning toward our regular recipe. They liked the veggie herb brats fine, but they still aren't much for branching out.

Then, there's the Buffalo Bleu Cheese brats . . .

The brats are made with a spicy buffalo sauce and have some bleu cheese but not over the top. These are spicy brats and perhaps more what many people would think of a really good spicy Italian sausage.

They were outstanding. In fact, I put one in the freezer for my son who is up at his college apartment this week. He loves zippy food, and I'm sure he'd think these brats are terrific.

I would make a couple of notes on the Man Cave buffalo bleu cheese brats:

1. They are not for the faint of heart or those who do not like heat. They won't burn you totally up, but they do have spice. Just a really nice kick for those who like hot foods.

2. With these gourmet brats, you want to grill them lower and slower. They have cheese in there, so you don't want to hit them with super high heat. Let them grill along slower - more like a burger.

Grilled Man Cave Buffalo Bleu Cheese Brats

Man Cave is a party oriented type sales concept. You host a Man Cave event. I've not been; I'm not a man. But, they certainly have some excellent products, and you can order online if you're not a man or if you're not into the party thing.


Steve said...

Those Buffalo Bleu Cheese Brats look Scumdillyishious!!!

Doesn't help that I havent' eaten dinner yet. Peace.

Brandon Baney said...

Just a heads up Cyndi (and the fellow readers), our parties aka MEATings, are geared towards men but believe me we have done our share of all women MEATings as well as co-ed. So just because you're a woman doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the fun! Check out for all the Man Cave info.