Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Easy Peasy Foods Chicken Insurance Marinade and BBQ Sauce - review

Grilled Chicken with Chicken Insurance Marinade and Barbecue Insurance Sauce

Easy Peasy is out of the gate with a new chicken marinade and barbecue sauce, and Aaron emailed to see if I'd like to try out sample bottles. We grill a lot of chicken around here, and I'm always looking for ways to jazz grilled chicken up, so I said I'd give it a try.

I went to pick up some chicken breasts on sale at the IGA, but they said someone got the last pack about a half hour before I got there. I grabbed some boneless, skinless chicken tenders instead. As hot as it is outside, that was probably a better idea. Grilled tenders are our fast food out here in the country, since they take 10 minutes or less to grill.

Easy Peasy Chicken Insurance Marinade

With boneless, skinless chicken, marinade is a good idea, but there are not a lot of good marinades on the market. Chef David Moncur who developed these Chicken Insurance products had noticed the same thing. He was using Italian dressing like I often do but wanted something better, so he came up with his marinade recipe.

Chicken Marinating in Chicken Insurance by Easy Peasy Foods

I put my chicken in a bowl and poured on some Chicken Insurance marinade. It poured out rich and thick and smelled really great. I had a little taste, and the flavor was excellent as well.

Since I planned to use the companion barbecue sauce, I did grill a couple of chicken strips with just marinade to see how it would do and how it would taste. The marinade stayed on well (prevented any sticking) and held in the juices, and I didn't have any grill flare problems which can happen with some marinades. The flavor grilled was also rich without overpowering the chicken. The chicken in marinade only as our appetizer got three thumbs up from the crew here.

Barbecue Insurance from Easy Peasy Foods

The Easy Peasy barbecue sauce was also thick and the smell was sweet. This is a natural barbecue sauce made from fresh ingredients. That does make a difference.

If doing whole chicken pieces, I'd sauce with this the last 10 minutes or so, since it has a tomato base. If you put tomato based barbecue sauces on too soon, they will burn. Since I was doing the small chicken tenders, I sauced them and put them straight on. Since they only grill around 10 minutes total, that works out perfect.

Grilled Chicken Tenders Sauced with Barbecue Insurance

I grilled the chicken around 5 minutes until the sauce was set and then flipped it and did the same on the other side. That's why I call this fast food. I was in and out super fast.

The Chicken Insurance marinade and Barbecue Insurance provided a nice layered flavor on the chicken. The overall taste was rich and sweet but there was a light kick of heat. One son can't handle much heat, and he was fine with this barbecue sauce. So the heat note was there but is not zippy enough to rule this barbecue sauce out for a big gathering with a range of people who may or may not be able to handle heat.

Both the marinade and the sauce by Easy Peasy were very good. The products were easy to use, and the flavors were very nice.

Easy Peasy products are available in limited areas now (Michigan, Texas, Florida and parts of the Midwest) but are slated for expansion. If you don't live in those areas, then you can get Chicken Insurance and Barbecue Insurance at Easy Peasy Foods online.

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