Friday, June 04, 2010

BBQ 25 Book by Adam Perry Lang - Grill n Barbecue Book Review

"BBQ 25" by Adam Perry Lang was not what I expected. It is different from the barbecue or grilling books I usually get.

This is not a bad thing. Many grill books try to cover too much ground. The concept here is that Lang covers the 25 foods you are likely to toss on your grill 90% of the time.

So, lets' say that you've never done a beef roast on the grill or maybe it's pork or fish. You find the classic meat cuts in the various types along with tools you need to do the recipe and then rub and sauce recipes for each plus step-by-step directions to do the selected cut of meat.

Each grilled meat (and there is a vegetable page) is a double page spread as you can see here. You literally have everything you need to grill whatever it is that you want to tackle.

Some of the rub and sauces listed on the left side are a bit complex with a lot of different ingredients. You can, however, use commerical rubs and sauces, especially if you are just starting out. I like to make barbeuce rubs and sauces, but I also love to play around with different ones especially the small batch sauces I buy online and some of my favorites that I carry at my OpenSky Store.

So, don't let long barbecue rub and sauce recipes scare you off. They are excellent, but try your hand at nailing the basic techniques for cooking the meats and then get fancier.

Also note that this barbecue book is made like the board books for kids. The pages are thick, easy to turn, and you can wipe them off. If you have a bbq sauce accident or knock over your beer on "BBQ 25" - no problem. Just wipe it off. That, I think, was a very good plan.

* I was sent an advance copy of BBQ 25. This is common in the media world, so newspapers and bloggers get a chance to check out new books and let readers know if they are worth buying or not. My only stiuplation on review copies is that I'm going to call it the way I see it, and I do. If you follow my blog or other writings, you know I'm honest to a fault, including telling you my own barbecue and grilling mistakes (so you don't make the same ones).

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