Saturday, July 24, 2010

Country Bob's Barbecue Sauce Review - Yum Yehaw!

Country Bob's All Purpose and Barbecue Sauce

Country Bob (AKA Bob Edson) sent me some of his barbecue sauce which is actually an all purpose sauce but sure yummy used on grilled foods. I'd been hearing about his sauce for quite a while. I can't even remember who first mentioned it, but I was following Country Bob on Twitter and at Facebook and hoping to win one the contests he puts on pretty often. They are friendly and actually do interact with folks online - unlike many companies.

The Country Bob sauce came in, and the boys were off and gone. I was still eating some leftovers (with a couple of grilling for weeks under my belt), but last night I couldn't resist any longer. That sauce was sitting there on the kitchen window seal just calling my name.

I do like to first test new sauces on grilled chicken breasts or pork chops, because the meats are mild, and I can really get a good taste of the barbecue sauce. I will taste sauces cold, but I always grill with them before I post, because you really don't know for sure on a barbecue sauce unless you grill something and see how the sauce works on grilled foods.

Grilled Pork Chops with Country Bob's BBQ Sauce

I had a hard time deciding between grilled boneless chicken breasts and grilled pork chops, so I went on down to the IGA grocery store and figured I'd decide there. The chops were on sale and looked good, so that sealed the deal.

It was close 100 degrees here yesterday. Boy, we have had one heck of a hot summer in North Carolina. Grilling means I do not have to heat up the kitchen which is great, but it can sure get hot out there doing the grilling. So, I went with the Char-Broil Patio Bistro. That's a cute little electric grill that will hit high temperatures and does a nice job on my chicken and my pork chops.

I put the pork chops on and opened the Country Bob's sauce, and the smell was terrific. Really, this is one of those sauces that just makes your mouth water when you take the top off the bottle. I was hoping it would deliver on the flavor as it did with taking a good whiff.

This is a medium textured sauce. It is not as thick as Kraft BBQ sauce, but it's thicker than a NC mop sauce. Country Bob's sauce is considered "all purpose," so it pours fine for dipping at the table and it's marketed for all meats plus French fries. As a Southerner, I'd say it runs just perfect to go with eggs too, although I know other parts of the country do not eat sauces with eggs. We do in these parts.

I hit the pork chops about 5 minutes before they were ready to come off. That's a good ballpark for thick sauces like KC or Kraft. In using this sauce now, I could go closer to 10 minutes on the pork chops, since it's not super thick and sugary which can burn fast.

The proof is in the eating as far as I'm concerned. A sauce can look and smell good, but it has to taste great if I'm going to continue to use it. Country Bob's definately made the grade. It tasted just like it smelled and had a nice little heat twang but not enough to freak out folks who can't handle hot foods. I really love sauces that hit that heat note but still work for my younger son or visitors who may not share my passion for hot foods.

I have to put Country Bob's on my top pick list. It's great on grilled foods but can also be used as a condiment kind of like ketchup but much tastier. I'm not much of a ketchup fan, but this flavor with tomato, probably a nip of vinegar, and a touch of heat just works really well. I can see why they call it an all purpose sauce. It's just really yummy even on potato chips. Oh no! Did I just confess to that. Yep. If you are out of dip for the Ruffles, then this is really good on the chips too.

*I'll be working up a Country Bob's giveaway when I'm not about ready to fall on my face. They said they'd love for one of my readers to get to try out the sauce too. It's late here (-: But, check back or follow me on Blogger or sign up for the email notifications to the right. That is through Google I think, and I don't collect your information, unless I need to get an address so a company can send a prize.

Country Bob's Contest is Up and Running - Drawing on August 1, 2010

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