Saturday, July 24, 2010

Grate Chef Steam Cleaning Grill Grate Brush Review

Grate Chef Steam Cleaning Grill Cleaning Brush

I've looked for a great grill cleaning brush for years and have owned a number of them. They all seem to miss the mark other than Grill Floss which is the one I use on my charcoal grills typically. And, now here is the Grate Chef grilling brush which I've found to work great.

The Grate Chef company sent me their steam cleaning brush to see what I think of it. I get samples from time to time as noted under my reviews section. The companies just take a chance (when I have time to do testing), because I'm the Southern honest type and will sure say if I think something is not worth buying or the price.

First, I liked the looks of the Grill Grate steam cleaning brush and that it felt good and sturdy. I think it is made of some kind of high tech plastic, but it is sure not flimsy.

The above photo with my Portable Kitchen outdoor cooker (PK grill) will give you a better idea of the size. I wish I could let folks hold it too. It is solid but not heavy. Plus, the balance on the grill brush is really good.

The way the Grill Grate cleaner works is that you just lift up the little rubber tab above which is at the top of the brush and fill it with tap water.

Then you press the rubber button neat the middle of the grill brush which lets out a little water, and the heat from the grill makes steam. I had trouble getting a photo while pressing the button and cleaning the grill all at once, but it does make a sizzle sound and puts out quite a bit of steam.

I've used the Grate Chef grill brush for about six months now but mostly my grills are kept pretty clean. It's kind of bad to be known as Grill Girl and someone come over and the grills be all dirty looking.

I did a quick barbecue meal last week and forgot to clean up the grates. The rain came in. I was full of great food. I was home alone. I clicked on the TV, and there went the evening. I'm sure others know how that goes.

In any case, I had a rather icky barbecue covered grill grate yesterday when I decided to grill some barbecue pork chops.

I just filled up the Grate Chef grill cleaning brush and steamed across the grates a couple of times, and the grate looked like new. It's a small grill, and it took less than a minute to have it ready for the pork chops.

My Mom was asking about a grill cleaning brush, and I told her that I'd pick one up. Grate Chef is the one I picked. She has the Char-Broil Big Red which has a self cleaning option. But, there can be a little char left on the grates. I gave her the easiest gas grill I know of and now also a super easy grill brush that works great. She never grilled, because my Dad always did that before he died (and taught me). I want Mom to have fun grilling, so I am careful on getting her good grill gear that is simple to use. You know you are not giving your Momma something that you don't believe in.

And More Great News

I would also note that the steam cleaning Grate Chef grill brush only runs around $10. I've sure paid much more for grill brushes that did not perform near as well.


Wilfred Reinke said...

Looks like a quality tool for the grill

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