Sunday, July 25, 2010

Giveaway - Country Bob's BBQ All Purpose Sauce Contest - Ends 8-1-2010

Spice Up the End of Summer with Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce

WIN a Bottle of Country Bob's and See for Yourself

I just got a chance to try out a sample of Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce, and Al said that he'd be glad to sponsor a contest for two Barbecue Master readers to win a bottle each and see why I'm excited about this yummy sauce.

The first thing I did with Country Bob's sauce was grill up some pork chops, and they were sure good. Then, since Country Bob's is an all purpose sauce, I tried it on some French fries, fish sticks (long story), eggs, and even potato chips. Yum!

Really, you can use Country Bob's sauce as a condiment like ketchup, but it sure is yummier than ketchup. I'd love to just pass you the bottle, so you could see for yourself. But, since we have not reached that point in the virtual world, then two readers can have that chance to give this a try with an easy giveaway contest.

How to Enter to Win Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce

I like to keep my contests real simple and also try to make sure anyone who wants to enter can do so. I do not collect any information on folks who enter other than to get in touch to get a snail mail, so the company can send the prizes.

To enter, just leave a comment here on the blog and tell me what you like to dip. Now, keep it clean of course. This is a rated G space (-:

And, give me some way to get in contact. Otherwise, it's sure hard to send sauce.

If you have a blog link, that's great, or you can leave an email or a twitter account name. You can also comment and send me an email with contact info to write on your entry slip if you're not comfortable sharing info in public. My email is cyndiallison (at) so that's an option if you're shy about your info.

Want to Up Your Odds with Extra Entries?

I know some readers enjoy having extra ways to enter contests, so once you post a comment, then I will add extra entry slips for any (or all) of the following:

1. You can follow me on Twitter where I go by cyndiallison if you like to chat about barbecue and family stuff. And, yes, if you already follow me, please just add the note in your comment. I will be glad to count that as well.

2. Copy and tweet: Win @CountryBobs sauce w @cyndiallison giveaway

3. Sign up to the right for the Barbecue Master post email. That is a Google application, so I do not see the signs up, so that one is on the honor system, and I know grill folks are honorable.

4. Share the contest with a friend. When they post about a favorite food to dip, have them mention your name. If your buddy forgets to do so, then just add a post saying you sent them over. Sometimes friends forget. And, yes, you can do more than one "share with a friend" entry.

Note - On the extra entries, be sure to post in the comments so that I make sure to get your extra slips in the hat.

Drum Roll . . . And the Winner Will Be . . .

I write down all the entries and any extras and then have my Mom draw the names. She is low tech and does not play online, so she does not know the entrants. Plus, she is honest as the day is long.

We'll do the draw on August 1, 2010. So, two lucky readers can wind up the summer on a great note with a free bottle of Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce.

*Due to shipping costs, I can only take U.S. entries. Or, you could enter and gift your bottle to a U.S. buddy. I sure wish postal was global like the Internet. Maybe some day . . .


I have the winners for the Country Bobs sauce.

The first winner is Gary of Cooking Outdoors. He just happens to be an outdoor cooking blogger, and he has a terrific blog. Be sure to check him out.

The second winner is Uncovering Food. She's a city girl with a passion for food and a lot of other stuff. She's a teacher (like me), and she covers a wide range of food topics. Check her out. She's got some neat stuff up as well.


Wilfred Reinke aka @OshawaOgre said...

What a great backdrop for you pic!
Since I am a Canadian, I will need to gift the prize if I am lucky enough to get my name pulled. And my parents will be in Florida in October. Ny dad Grills steak and burgers often, I am sure he would enjoy that sauce!

Maybe he would save some for me when I visit him in the Winter.

Unknown said...

This sounds great! I have a couple pounds of shrimp in the freezer and I've been wondering what to do with them! They are nice big ones and Country Bob's sounds like the answer! Thanks!
hondaray6 at hotmail dot com

Unknown said...

I follow you on twitter- hondaray6

Unknown said...

I tweeted- Good morning!

meathenge said...

Yikes, don't post your email address, it'll be collected and the spam bots will shut you down! Change it to something along the lines, of xxxxx@(remove this)

xo, Biggles

Anonymous said...

I had this BBQ Sauce in baked beans at a potluck this weekend. Awesome! Great to dip with chips!

I follow you...Golfergirly7

CA said...

I had a question on email and will add that in a minute. Yes. If you already follow me on Twitter, just say so. I will count that, because you can't very well add me if you already follow me. And, thanks for the follows! Love all the tweeties who make it fun to click over to Twitter.

CA said...

Tks Rev. Biggles. I did go ahead and put in the (at) on the email to be safe too, but Google has done a good job blocking out the spam bots. I've done several contests with full info on my part and not had problems. I may just be lucky (-:

Gary House, The "Outdoor Cook" said...

Cyndi, well you already know that I follow you and enjoy your blog. But rest assured I just Tweeted for you!


CA said...

Yes. You rock Gary. I so appreciate folks who have followed and supported my Barbecue Master blog. I hope to always give great info and also am thankful to companies who take the time to get in touch and provide freebies. It really is fun to get something yummy in the mail. Grill on!

...tom... said...

hey there Cyndi...

You have 'turned me on' to some great sauces in the past and I am sure this one is just as good ...if not better.

Now just make sure 'Mom' gives me a chance to confirm that thought..!! ...smalllol...


meathenge said...

Oh, righto! Spam is bucktoothed evil, excellent.

xo, Biggles

Smokejumpers said...

Hi Cyndi, I love to dip mozzarella sticks in just about any sauce! I follow you.


C.G. the Foodie said...

I would love to grilling some veggies and using this on them. Yum!!!

I follow you on Twitter which is how I found put about the giveaway.

Michael Baxter said...

great give away contest

Michael Baxter said...

tweeted - followed -I want to try it on a baked potato