Monday, July 05, 2010

Great Grill Gear Set to Gift or for a Splurge for the Barbecue Chef

Jake got in touch about RedEnvelope Grilling Gifts. I had visited the site and remembered that they had some really cool looking barbecue items.

Jake offered to send out something from the grilling collection. I asked if he'd read my blog (he had) and noted that I'll check out products and sites, but I call it the way I see it. That does not always go over well, but grilling is my hobby, and my blog is designed to help other home grillers get the best gear and products, find other good online sites and to share recipes for the grill. Jake was confident in his company and was willing to roll the dice.

The personalized grilling tool set came in on a day when I was on the couch watching junk TV, because I've had an awful sinus infection.

I opened up the box and was like "wow." I'd never had a grill tool set on my wish list, because I have various barbecue tools in a box on the enclosed porch. My grill tools are fine but certainly not fancy. Jeans are great so why worry about a party dress - right?

I wasn't up for grilling, but I sat and watched TV with the grill set. OK. You can laugh. It is really so pretty that it made me smile when I looked at the set. It looks nice on RedEnvelope, but photos do not do this grill set justice.

The grill tool set comes in the sturdy slimline toolbox you see at the top of the post and has my initials on the front - CYA. You can laugh again. I don't think those letters meant anything when I was born, but folks get a kick out of them now.

Inside are all the key tools that you need to grill. That includes a generous spatula (wide enough for even fish), tongs (that are easy to use), barbecue fork, brush, and four skewers. They are personalized in various ways with my name and initials plus "master of the grill."

Here is a close up of one of the pieces engraved. The work is excellent and looks great.

"Pretty is as pretty does," as they say in the South. This grill set is wonderful eye candy, but do the pieces work and handle well?

I must confess that I was tempted to keep this pretty barbecue set put away for special times. This is genetic or maybe just a trait handed down. The women in the family will keep back pretty towels or nightgowns and so on. I've tried not to do that, because it is sad when a family member passes and there are pretty things tucked away that were never used and enjoyed.

I took a deep breath and put these grill tools to the test, and they passed with flying colors. They are well designed and balanced and all work well. The only thing I might change would be that I'd probably go with silicone on the basting brush versus bristles, but the bristles on the basting brush do seem "right" for a classic looking set like this one.

If you are looking for a special gift for someone who loves to grill, then you can't go wrong with this grill tool set. It really is stunning to look at but also is made well so that it can actually be used and turn heads including your own. So, sometimes a party dress is in order even if you did not think about it until you saw it in the showcase window.


Anonymous said...

That is a very nice looking grill set, The engraving is wonderful!

There is an old saying that could apply to a guy that had a great tool set as that.

"There are many things we hold dear in our life, the tools of the trade and the dear little wife.
So if you don't ask to borry my tools I won't ask to borrow your wife!"

Chris said...

I would tease you about having customized grill tools, but seeing how I had a grill grate customized, I don't have room to talk:)

Great looking set, Cyndi! Hope you had a great weekend!

CA said...

Thanks Chris! I had never thought about having grill tools with my initials and my name engraved. When the set came in, then I could see that it's real cool to have some special things. The Red Envelope set is definately a barbecue gift that would turn heads. I'll bet the custom grill grate is neat too.

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I'm really interested to learn grilling, because I really loved foods specially grilled one. Well how much that thing cost? its really cool grilled set.

Anonymous said...

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