Saturday, May 24, 2008

Free Barbecue Recipe Book from Lawry's

Need more recipes for the grill? Buy two Lawry's seasoning products. Then, visit Lawry's and fill out the form where you put in the information from the bar codes and list the store where you made the purchases.

The free cookbook is called Lawry's Barbecue Recipes.

This freebie offer is good through 9-6-08.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Gradutaion Party - Barbecue Luau

My kid is graduating from high school which is a wonderful excuse for a party - like an excuse is needed. Yes! We must celebrate this monumental occasion.

The young grad is not big on crowds. Never has been. Probably never will be. He cried through his entire first birthday party. It was not joyous - not a bit. I've kept his parties small since then and relaxed.

At last count, I think we have 20 relatives coming in from out-of-state. There are eight of us here around town. Then, of course, the kid-o has a few close friends who are always invited to our parties.

Hum. We're looking more at a medium sized party than a small party.

A Cook Out - Of Course

Since I'm Grill Girl, a cook out certainly seems the logical choice. Most of our home parties are on the barbecue no matter what time of year.

My brother suggested a luau theme. He found some cool stuff in Ohio on sale so picked up a blow up flamingo and palm tree plus some plates, cups, and napkins. Sounds like a plan to me.

I got in touch with some of my internet party buddies to get some more ideas. The funniest one was a coconut bra. Teehee. My net buddies have not seen me in person. I am a 34G. Coconuts do not come that big. Nope. They sure don't. So - scratch that idea.

Some Cool Luau Ideas

My lady friends who write about cooking and entertaining and such did give me some super ideas.

We, of course, needs leis and grass skirts. Someone suggested flowered shirts and said to check Good Will where folks often drop off such impulse purchases after a trip to the Islands.

The little drink umbrellas to go in the cups will be festive. Most of the party folks aren't drinkers, but those are fun regardless of what's in the cups. Those are for sure on the list.

Hula hoops. Yes. Those are always a blast. I'll have to swing by Wal-Mart and pick up a few of those. I used to be good a hula-hooping. Today? Not sure. Guess we'll find out.

While I'm at Wal-Mart I'll get a couple of wading pools - either plastic or blow up. I know the big kids (the graduates) may not want to wade, but we have little kid relatives. The bigger kids can use the pools to fill up water guns and also some little squirt toys that they have at Oriental Trading Company. They have all sorts of cute things at Oriental Trading Company. The prices are low. And, they even have an entire luau section.

The Barbecue Luau Menu

I considered a pit cooked pig, but the group size is really too small to go whole hog (pun intended). Pork shoulders on the smoker would be an idea, but graduation weekend will be a whirlwind with so many relatives in. I'm taking my own advice and keeping it simple and flexible.

So, it's hot dogs plus grilled pineapple. Those all cook fast, and no one is stuck manning a grill for hours and hours. If we have extra folks come, then it's really easy to toss on some more burgers and hot dogs, so I feel comfortable with that.

We'll have some of the typical fixings like chips and probably potato salad, slaw and chili. One of my friend's mentioned goldfish crackers. Oh yes. That's a cute idea. Maybe served in fish bowls (clean new ones of course).

The grilled pineapple is super for dessert, and I think ice cream would also be good. Most everyone loves ice cream.

Other Luau Ideas I'm Thinking/Working On

Music - We are Jimmy Buffett fans, so I know we'll play some Buffett at the party.

Games - My kids don't like too much structure. We have a basketball goal and will have the wading pools. I may try to get some horseshoe pits made and ready. Volleyball might be fun. Would need to figure out what to do about poles for that.

Lights - I thought I might string some of the Christmas lights around the porch. Oh? Is that tacky? Teehee. That's OK. Some of the camper lights might be good. Need to check prices on those.

Any Ideas From My Fabulous Readers?

There are the plans - so far. Please feel free to add any ideas. This is my first kid to graduate. I want this cook out luau to be extra special.

And Finally . . .

Congratulations to all members of the class of 2008!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Yes! You Can Grill - My New Barbecue Web Site

I've been writing online for about ten years now, but I've always written for other folks. Well - finally I made the leap and started building my own web site - Yes You Can Grill.

I must say that Dreamweaver is a bear to figure out, and I certainly don't have a lot of it figured out.

I'm slowly but surely getting all the family barbecue secrets and grill recipes posted up.

My site isn't so pretty (yet), but I know the information is excellent. If you want to grill and do it well, be sure to check out Yes! You Can Grill. Check back often too, because I'm adding as fast as I can.