Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Napa Jack's Barbecue Sauce Grilled Pork Chops (sauce review)

Napa Jack's Barbecue Sauces

You better turn on the lights before you go feeling around in the dark for something stiff to drink, or you might grab a bottle of Napa Jack's. Yes. The bottles look like liquor bottles, but they contain some very yummy barbecue sauce. One sauce even has wine in the recipe though not liquor.

Napa Jack's asked if I'd like sample bottles to see what I thought of these sauces. I like to try out new sauces and do reviews, so I said I give these sauces a try.

Pork Chops on the O Grill with Napa Jack's

This was a late day at the office, so I decided to do some thin chops. Well, I'm not sure if those are even chops. They are pork though.

Seeing as how these were thin, I let them marinate in the Napa Jack's barbecue sauce. The smell was really nice, kind of tangy but sweet.

Napa Jack Pork Chops Hit the Spot

The pork turned out good. The sauce was definitely the star of the show. My favorite was the Chipotle Cabernet. That little hint of wine gave it the edge for me.

These barbecue sauces were advertised as being good as replacements for ketchup which worried me a bit. They are mild enough to use more generally, but they do taste like barbecue sauce. I could see them used for dipping as also mentioned (meat balls would be really good - especially grilled meat balls). I doubt I'd dip French fries, but then I like my fries plain, so I'm not the best one to judge on that.

I would also not that these sauces are all natural and do have that nice fresh flavor. They are also gluten free. My family eats the heck out of some gluten, but I know a lot of people avoid gluten these days. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Wet Rubz - Best Barbecue Grilling Marinade So Far

Wet Rubz Santa Maria Style BBQ Marinade

I must confess my go-to barbecue marinade is Worcestershire and Kraft Italian dressing, because I haven't been able to find really good BBQ marinades. They are loads of rubs and sauces but not many marinades.

When Wet Rubz got in touch, I was thinking of rubs, but this is actually a marinade. It's heavier than a North Carolina vinegar, so it would go on later for larger cuts of meat but is fine right from the start on grilled hamburgers and grilled chicken strips or tenders.

My favorite way (so far) to enjoy Wet Rubz is on chicken. If your chicken is kind of bland, it sure will not be with this marinade. In fact, it's too hot for my mild son when it's small pieces. He might be okay with full sized chicken parts, but I've only done the quicker ones so far. As for me, I like heat and love this marinade. It's got a kick but I'd say zippy mild to medium. I like to give a range and would say you'd want to go easy on this one with a general crowd but pour it on for heat lovers.

Dinner For One with Wet Rubz - Yum City

Above you can see that I pigged out with some small pieces of chicken with Wet Rubz this evening. Grilling for one can be a challenge, but this is quick, easy, and really delicious with the marinade by Wet Rubz.

You are probably wondering what Wet Rubz tastes like. I would say like nothing else but it so happens that my son went to Japan last year in college and fell in love with a Japanese salad dressing. This reminds me of that fabulous dressing for salads but with some heat. The base flavor must be soybeans though tastes richer and fooled me. I had to check to find out.

I also found out that this marinade is all natural. Now, that's a good thing. Chef Andy Martin and wife, Aimee, from California, wanted to build a barbecue marinade from natural ingredients, so that is what you have here. You can taste it too. I really love natural over processed.

I've moved this up to my favorite of the marinades I've tried out to date. It really is THAT yummy. I do add the warning about the heat though. If you are a mild guy/girl, then you would want much more meat to marinade.

*I did receive a bottle of the marinade to try for free. That has no impact on my review. I've been known to say a barbecue sauce tasted like ketchup (so sorry), so I do call it the way I see (though tastes can surely differ).