My Story - Cyndi - Grill Girl

I've been grilling and smoking barbecue for over 35 years now and have been blogging here at Barbecue Master for several years. In 2009, I put up a full blown web site - Yes You Can Grill - where you can find more detailed information about grilling, barbecue and outdoor cooking.

I'm not in the barbecue industry by trade. My day job is teaching at the college, and I am a freelance writer on the side. Since I teach journalism and new media, the work goes hand in hand with my work at the college.

Grilling and making barbecue has always been a hobby and something I enjoy doing and writing about. I do some professional writing on outdoor cooking now. For example, I worked on the review of grills and top picks for Consumers Digest last year, and I was contracted to do the hotel tabletop book article on North Carolina barbecue for visitors in the RTP area. But, I generally just share information and news about grilling and things related.

My usual writing projects are technical, trade, and high tech as well as a variety of online projects for web sites and companies. In some cases, I write reviews or articles and in others I work on the SEO end or edit.

In my spare time, I do grill or smoke. You can find me on the porch more days than not. And, you never know which grill I may break out. I have about 30 grills/smokers now ranging from kettle grills (Weber) to pellet (Traeger) and ceramic (Big Green Egg) to electric (Char-Broil).

My blog and site are designed to make outdoor cooking fun for everyone.

I do have favorites when it comes to grills, but I think different grills work out for different people. When I'm asked for recommendations on grills, I have to know a little background to make good suggestions.

As far as grilling recipes, I add details and tips. Those often make a huge difference. It does help that I have teen boys and teach at the college. That gives me a chance to see younger grillers in action and to catch the steps that older grillers may forget to mention.

Many of my barbecue blog posts and grilling features are based on questions asked by family, friends, or readers. I'd guess that if one person is asking, then there are likely others out there wondering the same thing.