Want to Help Support a Quality Barbecue Grill Site and Advertise Your Own Space?

I do consider quality sponsors for my Barbecue Master blog, but paid links are placed as ads and not hidden in copy.

Text links on Barbecue Master appear to the right side on each page.

Text links are limited to 4 words for standard rates.

I do not accept advertising that I do not think will benefit readers or that I do not feel comfortable about. My spaces are topic specific and also family friendly, so sponsor sites need to be keeping with the spirit of my content.

Also, I do not want Barbecue Master to be packed with ads, so space is limited. I'd rather work with a few good companies and have a solid working relationship. This benefits everyone and especially my great readers.

Barbecue Master (blog - here) Link Rates (four words of text) on Right Hand Bar or Bottom Bar:

$20 - month by month
$15 month - 6 months paid up front - $90
$12.50 month - 12 months paid up front - $150

Post Specific Logo Links:

For companies wanting a logo with a link on a specific post, there is a one time charge of $25. I do not write posts for ads, but if I've reviewed your product, and you want a visual link (logo etc) rather than just the text link which I include for free as I'm writing, then I can add that at the bottom of the post with a note that products can be found by clicking on your provided logo (and noted to be an advertisement).

Want A Premium Ad with Visuals?

I will also consider sponsor banners or sidebar ads (but very limited). I would need to discuss size and placement as well as rates on those. I'd also want visual content that both the advertiser and my readers would be comfortable with.

A linkable visual ad on the right side would typically run:

$60 month - month by month
$50 month - 6 months paid up front - $300
$40 month - 12 months paid up front - $480

A full size bottom banner ad (maximum size 730 pixels wide) would run in the $600/year range with the art work sized correctly.

A top banner ad would run in the same size range and be placed below the pages (about, index etc) and above the lead post. That would be in the $900/year range. I'm not actively looking to fill that space but would discuss that with a company that would add value for readers.

* Note: I am not using an advertising rotation unit. You ad will appear every time a page on the blog is loaded.

Full Sponsorship?

No. I am not looking to sell my blog or web site and write for any specific company on my own spaces. I am available for freelance contract work (contact for rates), but I am invested in my online barbecue spaces. I do all the content and care very much about having information with no limits on brands or products and also no incentive to say something is good that I do not think is.

Contact Information

You can reach me at cyndiallison@gmail.com if you would like to talk about providing good links to your high quality sites related to my content. Since I do not work in the industry and do not cater barbecue or make rubs and sauces and so on, I often refer readers to others online. I will continue to do so, because people ask (mostly by email), and I try to keep track of others in the field who cover areas that I do not when it comes to grilling and barbecue.