Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Best Coffee Ever for Long Smoking Nights or Camping

My Favorite Ever Coffee - Chocolate Cherry Bourbon

A good cup of coffee can be critical for those all night smoking jobs or when you are camping out and need a jump start. There are tons of coffees out there, but the outdoors just calls for something special. And Fire Department Coffee is just the ticket. 

I've been a fan of Fire Department Coffee for a long time - so long that I wore out the t-shirt they gave me who knows how far back? The group help out struggling firefighters like if a fireman is injured. Two of my favorite cousins are firefighters (one retired this year), so I know fighting fires is a dangerous job and that we need to support our men and women at the firehouses. 

Helping out a cause is great, but you want solid coffee too, and that is for certain with Firefighters. They have all types even pods and bean or ground. But, the real kick is the spirit infusion. I wasn't too sure about it before my bags came in. It sounded interesting, and I do like bourbons. But, do the flavors meld with coffee? And the answer is a big YES!

The peach bourbon coffee just melted my Southern girl heart. The fruit balanced out that little bitter kick coffee can have, and the peach sweetened it up but not too much The coffee just put a little dance in my morning. 

And . . . then . . . Chocolate Cherry Bourbon infused coffee. 

I settled in for a night of tending a Boston butt, and it was love at first sip with the Choc Cherry Bourbon. The infusion balanced the coffee flavor with that bourbon and then plugged in sweet notes with cherry and chocolate. I love every one of those flavors, and this coffee manages to showcase all that and come together for the smoothest cup of coffee I've ever had. 

I did drink the infused coffees black which is how I generally drink coffee. With the infusions, I'd suggest trying it black before adding anything else. The flavors are so nice that I'd hate to mess with them by adding anything extra. Also, coffee is just healthier if you're not adding all sorts of sugars and creamers. 

A subscription would be an excellent gift for your barbecue friends, campers or any buddies or relatives who like coffee and maybe even ones who have never had some that tasted awesome straight out of the pot. 

It does not surprise me that firemen make and sell this top shelf product. It just has that extra umph and tastes like it was made with love and spirit. 

Bottoms up with Chocolate Cherry Bourbon or Peach Bourbon.