Check Out Other Great Grilling and Barbecue People

I've been fortunate to have some great grillers in the family, particulaly my Dad (now deceased) and also some fabulous online barbecue friends who are so generous with outdoor cooking tips and ideas and also just to gab about barbecue and grilling.Here are some of my favorite barbecue sites online.

Grilling Web Sites

Sizzle on the Grill - CB packs the Char-Broil website with loads of great grilling information. I do some guest grill chef recipes now and then for Sizzle. Also, CB lives on a house boat - how cool is that?

The Gary Glen Experience - Gary has a web site packed with all kinds of grilling and barbecue information. He also tells me how to fix things in my house. Great guy.

Cooking Outdoors - Ah. I have another friend named Gary. He has a very well organized outdoor cooking site with great ideas and even some contests. You will have fun at Gary's grilling site.

The BBQ Grail - Larry is great on the grill and smokes too. He invented MOINKs which are bacon wrapped grilled meatballs - one of our all time favorite treats on the grill or smoker.

Barbecue Web Sites

Amazing Ribs - Meathead knows his smokers and how to do all kinds of foods low and slow. Get solid product reviews, tips, and recipes for smoking outdoors.

Barbecue/Grilling Blogs

The Duchess Cooks - The Duchess is from the Netherlands and does some very interesting grilling. You will be drooling when you see her yummy grilled dishes. And, yes, she does post in English.

Bob's Brew and 'Que - Looking for great new ideas for the grill? Robert brings the chef's touch to his dishes. He does some amazing foods on the grill.

Grill Grrrl - I found another Grill Girl over at twitter, so I had to check her out. Robyn has a terrific grill blog with lots of informative reviews and really nice photos.

Nibble Me This - Chris has great articles and terrific photos too. I follow, read, and really enjoy the heck out of his barbecue grill site.

Big Wayner's BBQ Blog - I met up with Wayne through Twitter and then at the Lexington Barbecue festival. He's right down the road, and he eats fried butter. I don't, but it's all good (-:

Products for BBQ/Grilling

Big Butz BBQ - We're talking some great barbecue sauce here. BB knows how to rock it. Be sure to try his cranberry barbecue sauce - great on grilled turkey meatballs.

David's BBQ - David will help you find the right sized grill cover for your Weber grill. Sizes do change year to year. He also tosses in some great grill recipes.

Baxter's Original - Michael Baxter has absolutely fabulous wood for smoking. You can use his wood or dust in your grill or smoker. You will definately taste the difference.

Grill Charms - Leslie Haywood has the neatest grill charms - like wine charms but to put in meat on the grill. Fun and also make great gifts for your favorite grillers.

Red Envelope - RE did send me a sample personalized grill gear set, but I get products pretty often (as noted in posts). The high quality puts them on my friend list. I have several of their beautiful grill products on my personal wish list now.

Other Friends (well worth a visit though not totally grillers)

Trippin' in the Kitchen - I met Tripp Rion in New York City when he was the Weber Grill chef host at a media showcase of the new grills. He cooks inside and out, and he's funny as heck. Southern guy too. Check him out.

House of Jerky - Janie makes the best jerky ever and has all kinds of flavors including ostrich. If you don't want to spend hours over a smoker, you can buy jerky from Janie and relax and enjoy.


Katrena Allison - My sister, a nurse, is a feature writer at Suite 101 for Seniors' Health. She also writes a lot of articles on children, travel, and working out. She's pretty new to writing, but she has a great style and solid information.

In Case You Were Wondering

*Note - These are not paid links or link trades. Paid links would be advertisements or sponsor links and noted. A couple of friends or companies have sent sample products over the years, but that was not considered when I made (and add to) my friends page. Some of my friends may link Barbecue Master or Yes You Can Grill; others don't. I don't ask bloggers or site owners to link my spaces. I hope to earn those honors and do appreciate when people do share my space. These are simply people and spaces that I know and enjoy, and I think you will too.