Tuesday, December 03, 2019

My Easy Flip - Food Turning Tool

My Easy Flip- Turning Tool

If you have problems getting small pieces of food turned over, My Easy Flip may be just the ticket. My Easy Flip is a kitchen and outdoor cooking tool that makes it easier to get small chunks of food flipped over for even cooking or grilling.

Eric Levitt contacted me about trying out his flipping tool. I try out new products now and then, and this one looked interesting. I enjoy this as a hobby.

This tool is made with food grade stainless steel for the bulk of the product. As you can see, the handles are wooden which means that you don't have such direct heat on your hand. A thin strip of metal runs down the side of the handles. I am very aware of this now, because I closed the grill lid, the handle heated up, and I burned a tiny little streak on the side of my hand. Easy Flip clearly recommends using heat proof gloves. I did not read the directions )-:

Directions came on a single sheet (after all - don't need to be a rocket scientist to use). There were some helpful ideas on the sheet in addition to the note to wear gloves. For example, the directions say to spray the prongs prior to use. That makes sense for most foods, although I did not need oil with the pineapple I grilled on the Easy Flip last night.

The prongs on My Easy Flip worked well. The points are sharp enough to skewer through food easily. I cut food wide enough so that two prongs go through any given piece of food. That just means the food is very stable. The foods do stay in place, and they do cook pretty evenly which is nice. 

I wasn't sure how the joint and rivet (hope I'm describing that right) would work for an actual flip, but I just lifted up on the tool and jerked my wrist quickly. It did flip over. That was super easy. I really like "easy" when cooking or grilling.

Although I use My Easy Flip on the barbecue grill, it is also fine for indoor use. I could see it being helpful with frying small food items like scallops or mushrooms. It's hard to turn over a bunch of small food items. The same applies to grilling where small items may even fall through the grates if not corralled with a tool like My Easy Flip.

My Easy Flip is dishwasher safe which I'm sure is a plus for many. I don't have a dishwasher, so that doesn't come into play here. 

All in all, My Easy Flip is a cool tool for getting food turned over. It is easy to use. I'm good at flipping lots of little bit-sized pieces of food on a grill, but I know a lot of people are not. Even though I'm good at flipping, it was nice to relax and let My Easy Flip do the heavy lifting.

 Bacon Wrapped Pineapple on the Grill with My Easy Flip Tool