Thursday, May 27, 2010

Banner Day at Masterbuilt and News on Fryers, Smokers, and an Outdoor Cookbook

This was a big day at Masterbuilt. John Jr. just joined the team after graduating from high school. His dad, John McLemore, is the CEO, and John's dad started the company 37 years ago. It's great to see a company stay family owned and for it to go down through the generations. So, first, I would like to say congratulations to John Jr. and the whole family.

It was very random that I happened to interview John McLemore. I'm on the Masterbuilt email list along with many grill and barbecue companies who send material. Masterbuilt sent me some survey data, but I like to do features better. I asked for more detailed information, and they asked if I'd like to speak with the CEO. Well, sure, I love to talk to barbecue folks.

The big news, of course, was that the first of the six grandkids joined the family company, but they had a lot of other things going on too. One new item coming up is the smoker you see above. They sent me a preview photo. It has a window which is nice and also a probe with a read out. Smoking will be even easier than ever, so if you have not made the leap, then this might be a good starter smoker to get going with. Once you ever taste home smoked food, you will be hooked.

Masterbuilt is also coming out with a cookbook scheduled for the fall. This is an actual cookbook with family recipes and not one tossed together like some and then a big name put on the cover to sell the books. When I asked who was doing the cookbook, John said, "Well, I am." Trust me. That's not typical in publishing these days. Thumbs up.

I did have to ask how to spell dadgum. Being Southern, you think I would know. But, I hear it said dadgum and also daggum. Then, John said some say it dabgum down in Georgia. So, if you have trouble understanding Southern talk, well, no wonder. We like to play with words.

Be sure to check out my Masterbuilt feature article on John McLemore at Yes You Can Grill as well as some more family photos including one with Paula Dean. I had to email to find who she was. Duh. I need to meet Paula Dean now, so I will know her when I see her in a photo.

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