Thursday, May 20, 2010

Char-Broil Grill 2 Go Ice - Thoughts on a New Travel Grill

My Que Kid got the Char-Broil Grill 2 Go put together and pulled it around for a test grill tonight.

CB from Sizzle on the Grill (Char-Broil blog) hooked us up with that. I don't work for any grill company; I teach and then blog on outdoor cooking for fun. So, the deal (if anyone is wondering) is that I sometimes get sample products in exchange for an honest opinion or not. I don't have to cover anything if I don't want to, and some things I do pass on and some I do trash (so sorry). That's the nice thing about having a personal blog and site. I can just tell it the way I see it.

The concept on Grill 2 Go is excellent. You have a good grill (per my grill tonight) and then coolers under to keep foods and drinks. The whole thing folds down fairly small to a tailgate but not really car size. I'd call it a truck or SUV size model. It's not going to fit in my Jeep, but there is not much room in a Jeep either.

When loaded the Grill 2 Go, ia a heavy grill with two coolers. The big wheels help, but the unit is set about an inch too low for easy pulling. Now, I am in the country, but you can see I am not exactly on the side of the mountain, so this is a hefty pull as it stands and especially for female sized people (although I know some girls have more heft and good for them).

I'd have a hard time handling this one on my own, but I do have two teen boys. They are about grown now with one in college and one who will be a senior in high school. So, they can handle the unit OK, but I have some problems with lift and pulling on it. It runs big for a tailgater but fine for guys I'd say and for females who got some bigger size genes.

I was going to grill pork chops, but since they turned out to be chicken when I pulled out the bag, then it was chicken. Ah well, we had pork loin last night, so prob better to switch up the meats anyway. The guys just roll with it. No prob.

Char-Broil has out a new meat rub and some barbecue sauces. I rubbed the chicken up with Char-Broil meat rub which smelled great and then put the chicken on the Grill 2 Go.

I did pre-heat the grill about 10 minutes and used a litte Pam spray on the grates like usual plus added some wood chunks (Baxters) in the trough below the grates. I like that set up which is similar to the Char-Broil Big Red which is my favorite of their full sized grills. That trough set up makes for some real easy clean up.

Char Broil need to add a little mark, so you can tell what temp you're at. I turned the knob back and forth and did the hand test on heat. But, it was not real clear which was higher and which was lower. They just need a little plastic piece or paint mark to make that more clear. I got it, but I did have to play around with it. Also, I had to play around to figure out that I had to physically mash the button down to get it to fully turn off. Minor details, but some notes on the unit might help.

The infrared which is heat absorbed by metal for more output is great with Grill 2 Go. I had some great grill mark (or sear marks) though those are on the bottom side as this chicken cooked faster than I expected on a small gas unit with a one pound gas bottle. And, that was on medium.

You could easily get a sear on steak or burgers if that is what you are looking for and then can reduce the heat to finish off to the level of doneness preferred. The heat change up is quick, and the lid can be used to contain or let off heat as needed.

Here's our chicken on the Grill 2 Go. As far as the grill, it was spot on. It is a very solid grill. I do think I'd make it a bit more compact and drop the coolers. Neat idea, but I'd rather carry a cooler seperate and divide the load.

My son who likes mild found the Char-Broil rub and barbecue tomato based sauce by Char-Broil a little hot (but not too hot to eat his). His spicier brother loved it. It is in the medium range with some kick and a nice blend and no bitter taste. It would run about what you'd get if you bought spicy Kraft, but the flavor is richer and fuller. So, I like this for a big company name barbecue sauce and also liked the Char-Broil rub.


Anonymous said...

I purchased a Big Red Char-Broil grill 1 year ago. Chrome on the logo and hood handle are all peeling.

Char-Grill says it's cosmetic and isnt covered by the warranty. Disappointed in Texas paid $600

Company doesnt stand behind the product. I would not recommend

Mark Baird horticulture tutor said...


Mark Baird horticulture tutor said...

We are thinking of buying one this week ansd want to know how hard it is to cook on.