Saturday, May 01, 2010

Diane's Sweet Heat Habanero Jam Will Jazz Up Your Grilled Foods

I've had some readers ask what the topping is on my grilled boneless chicken and vegetables dish here which is so easy to make and tastes absolutely fabulous.

When I grilled these chicken breasts, I used Garlic Gold olive oil to prevent sticking and to give a hint of extra flavor. Then, I put them on the City Grill which is a tailgate grill - so small but with a large cooking surface. It's my go-to grill for gas grilling, especially on the road.

As for the orange colored sauce on top, that is Diane's Sweet Heat jam. I have the Peach Habanero on my chicken in this shot. It may sound like an odd ingredient to put on my grilled chicken, but I love heat. Diane's jam really rocked my grilled chicken dinner.

If you have never had habanero pepper jam, then it is basically like a fruit jam, but it is hot (though not the bitter hot that I do not like). The fruit (peach in this case) gives the spicy jam a beautiful sweet contrast. So, it's kind of like candy with a bite and this peach heat was terrific on my chicken.

I was telling my brother about Diane's Sweet Heat, and he's more the gourmet type. He thought it sounded great too. I will try to save some for when he gets in. And, I can't wait to try some of the other varieties too.

Diane did send me the samples. We are both on Twitter. I noticed a broken link on a post she put up, so I just sent her a message. She wanted to send me some jams for taking the time to let her know. I wasn't sure how these would work with grilled foods, but they are terrific to add on top to get extra flavor. So, I just wanted to share my new find.


M Hastings said...

Yummy! It look delicious!

dining room tables said...

Grilled foods are such a darling to me! They always make my day!