Friday, May 07, 2010

FlameDisk - My Students Had a Blast with Easy Grill Fuel Product

I am sitting here at my computer desk and thinking about this wild week. The exam in my Writing for Media class was to make a video. Since I am big into grilling and barbecue, I thought something in that line would be fun.

The great folks at FlameDisk which I carry at OpenSky now were kind enough to send out some FlameDisks for the project and also one for each student at the end of the project.

I had explained to my students (many who have never grilled or seldom done so) that FlameDisk is an alternative to charcoal. It is easy to use and safer, so it's a good pick for new grillers and tailgaters. FlameDisk is good for me too on nights when I'm tired and do not want to spend a lot of time working on a charcoal grill fire.

The students really liked the FlameDisks, the grilled out food, and a non-traditional exam. While it was more like a cook out party in some ways, the students worked hard and produced two neat videos about FlameDisk you ought to check out. I had a wide open class, so they went with humor, so folks will like these videos.

First, there is FlameDisk Boy. The hero swoops in and helps Amanda who has terribly burned up her hot dogs.

The second FlameDisk video project was a grill off between two students - one with charocal and one with FlameDisk.

Of course, it takes a village (or a pretty good sized group to do a good video), so thumbs up to the entire class who worked on the concepts, scripts, grilling, and editing.

And, thanks again to FlameDisk. You were a hit with my students. They liked the easy grilling, no mess, and green clean container at the end.

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Very good suggestions, you just gained a brand new reader. Im curious if you have any follow ups to this post?